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Anna Rigby is the Founder of RedSpade Racing, a motorcycle community and cultural hub on social media. By weekday, she works as a graphic designer based out of Georgia. By weekend, she’s a trackday warrior and boots-on-the-ground motorcycle community pillar. In the interview, she discusses how RedSpade started as the origin of #motoporn, and grew into a […]

Shelby Rossi is the Founder of The Scarlet Headers, an all-female motorcycle club in Denver. She comes from a legacy of motorcycle racing, and is using that as a platform to share and grow her passion with other riders through her MC by building bikes with them, racing, and just having fun. Because, as she […]

In the words of Slidin’ Sonny Nutter, speedway racing was “Four guys, four laps, for all the marbles.” It’s widely accepted that all riders probably have a screw loose. Racers, then have at least two screws loose. But speedway racers must have at least three to get out there and give it all they’ve got […]