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  • Controls
  • Driveline
  • Handling
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  • Performance
APPEARANCE UPGRADESFully customize your bike's looks with this complete Appearance Upgrades Pkg.
Matte Black Clutch Lifter Arm Finisher
The British Customs Clutch Lifter Arm Finisher upgrade gets the job done with style -- adding a bit of form to a feature that was developed more for function.
Rectifier Relocation Kit
British Customs has developed a relocation bracket that cleans up the front end of your motorcycle by moving the rectifier to the upper frame tubes where it belongs.
CONTROLS UPGRADESTake control with this stylish Controls Upgrades Pkg featuring all the parts you need one.
Oury Road Grips | Black
Anti-vibration grips by Oury. Black.
7/8 Inch Four Bolt Handle Bar Clamps
7/8" handlebar clamps that move the handlebars to a more comfortable position.
Revolver Throttle Kit for Scrambler
Throttle kit with 5 different reels to adjust how responsive you want your throttle to be.
Pazzo Racing Billet Adjustable Levers | Finish - Black | Length - Short
6-way adjustable levers by Pazzo, available in 7 colors in long and short versions. Black; short.
Everything you need to personalize your bike's driveline in one complete package.
Retro Style Rear Sprocket | Sprocket Finish - Raw
Vintage style rear sprocket with stock tooth count.
Front 525 Countershaft Sprocket | Sprocket Size - 18 tooth
Replaces front sprocket with a lighter, stronger 18 tooth sprocket.
D.I.D 525VX Gold Chain
High performance chain with gold finish by D.I.D.
Low Profile Sprocket Cover with Holes | Cover Finish - Brushed
Exposes your countershaft sprocket while providing protection and improved looks.
HANDLING UPGRADESRedefine how your bike handles with this complete Handling Upgrades Pkg.
Solid Fork Brace With Gaiter Adapter | Black
Fork brace stiffens up front end and reduces fork vibration.
Direct Mount Reservoir
Low profile billet aluminum brake fluid reservoir for 7/8in controls
LIGHTING UPGRADESRevamp your bike's front end lighting setup with this Lighting Upgrades Pkg.
5 3/4 Inch Headlight Bracket- Black
Allows for installation of smaller aftermarket headlight.
5 3/4 Inch Headlight | Finish - Black | Lens Color - Clear
Low profile headlight for Triumph Modern Classics by Drag Specialties. Black body; clear lens.
PERFORMANCE UPGRADESGet legendary horsepower and engine performance with this fully integrated package.
Air Injection Removal Kit | Black
Removes air injection system to increase horsepower. By British Customs. Black.
Round Filters
Performance air filter to be installed after removing air box by K&N.
Billet Intake Manifolds
Increases performance through improving airflow.
Triumph Motorcycle Pro Flow Fuel Petcock | Style - Round
Increases fuel flow rate for carbureted bikes. Round.

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