Triumph Thruxton Efi Basic Performance Package
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Triumph Thruxton Efi Basic Performance Package

  |   British Customs
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Triumph Thruxton EFI Basic Performance Package

Looking to get the most out of your Triumph Thruxton? British Customs has assembled its best selling performance upgrades into one package. Each product in this package has been designed and tested to work together to give you the best performance gain for your dollar. Combing the BC Air Injection Removal Kit, BC Air Box Removal Kit, and British Customs Predator Exhaust into a cost savings package allows you to get the power you want at the best possible price. The package saves money on labor and time by allowing you to install all three performance upgrades at one time. British Customs has tested and developed fuel injection maps that work specifically for each performance package. 

British Customs has tested and verified each performance package to work together. If you are unsatisfied with the package for any reason, return the package for a complete refund within 30 days of purchase. (Shipping is non-refundable. British Customs is not responsible for labor cost.  Product must be in lightly used condition and free from damage.)

The package is available in the following configurations:

  • Available in ceramic black or polished finish

Predator Exhaust Features: (click to read more)

  • Available in ceramic black or polished finish
  • Deep throaty sound
  • Hidden mounting system eliminates unsightly mounting bracket
  • Mechanical baffle (no repacking necessary)

Air Box Removal Kit Features: (click to read more)

  • Exposes two high flowing K& N Filters
  • Eliminates mounting brackets for mock air cleaner covers
  • Provides additional storage

Air Injection Removal Kit Features: (click to read more)

  • Eliminates air injection system
  • Reduces operating temperature
  • Reduces change of headers bluing
  • Decreases/eliminates popping during deceleration

Package Features:

  • Savings versus individual product purchases
  • Saves labor time, Installs at one time
  • Takes the guess work out, EFI maps available

Note: Thruxton non-EFI Basic Performance Packages available. This packaged was designed for off road use. Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/province and local/municipal laws and regulations.


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Reviewed by
12/31/2014 - 02:13:59 AM
Love this kit!
The kit includes all the corrcet parts for the task. Instructions are OK. The quality of the parts and fit are 100% accurate. No struggle to get things to fit.
The airbox replacement has room underneath to add a tool box. This would make it even better. There is a good gap between the box and swing arm etc to fit some kind of tool box. Hope BC adds this!
After fitting and set up the bike goes up to 200km/h. At least 40km/h increase. Really impressed!
Reviewed by
08/18/2014 - 03:10:26 PM
Performance Package EFI
Everything was easy to install, had a little trouble find wrench or socket deep/small enough to fit between the block and the SAI(secondary air injection) reed valves but was able to use an impact 13mm socket. With the SAI removed spark plugs are easier to pull when they need to be replaced. The air box removal requires you to either remove the rear wheel or if you have a motorcycle lift you can remove the shocks and jack the moto up till you have enough room to remove the stock box from the back. ***IMPORTANT*** if you remove using the lift, be sure and remove the small cylinder underneath the swing arm so that the wheel can fall far enough down. The predator slip ones where very easy to install, however they need to be mounted on the the outside not inside like the stock ones where also one slip on will fit all the way up to the end of the pipe where as the other side my have an 1/2" gap. not sure if it was intended to be like that, but nevertheless the slip on it still connects to the pipe with ample amount of room to still clamp onto using the clamp rings that came on the stock exhaust. I also purchased the O2 removal plugs another easy install the complements the upgrade package. After installing all the items it is important that you have your moto remapped. you can do 1 of 2 things here, have your local triumph dealer map your moto to the arrow 2 to 2, which i have only herd doesn't preform that well (i have not tried the arrow 2 to 2 map) all though that is what BC (british customs) told me to use. number 2 you can buy a OBD 2 cable, then download Tune ECU (**FREE** tuning program) which works AMAZING! highly suggest you donate to his paypal $1 if anything because this program will save you hundreds of dollars from taking it to your dealer. After you have the OBD 2 cable and the TUNE ECU program go and purchase the correct tune for you and the upgrades you have added to your moto. they pretty much have every tune for any configuration. follow the instructions that on how to remap the bike. I was a bit nervous considering i have never remapped a EFI bike only rejetted carbs. it was super easy once you read the instructions and take it step by step then your ready to rip on your thruxton. i want to give this package 4 stars because BC was not able to ship to me because i live in CA, where they are located? but i understand that they are only abiding by CA state law (which blows for all two wheel motorcycles) that prohibits any change to emissions.but i gave it 5 because Well i found a way to have these items shipped to me Via third party. still wanted to support BC so i bought everything that came in this exact package plus the O2 plugs, and i must say they have made top quality items that come well packaged and vacuum sealed! well done BC and thank you for answering all my annoying inquires about your parts!!