Weekend Projects Turn Signals, Taillights, Headlights, & Fender Eliminator Kits Buyer’s Guide


Weekend Projects are upgrades packages that contain everything you need to upgrade any section of your motorcycle to ensure a hassle and frustration-free experience. With Weekend Projects, you won’t have to worry about not getting something you didn’t know you actually needed, or ending up with parts that won’t fit. This is the fastest, easiest way to get the best results from upgrading your motorcycle.

Having the right lighting setup will really pull any custom build together. Changing those floppy dogear stock turn signals for something with a little more character and that will create a little less air drag can completely change the feeling of your motorcycle.

Our Turn Signal Upgrades Packages have everything you need to redo your front and rear lighting setup and keep the installation process fast. Each Turn Signal Upgrades Package comes with two pairs of turn signals (for front and rear), two pairs of turn signal harnesses to keep everything plug ‘n play (unless you’re into soldering wires), and whichever relocation brackets your specific bike model needs to get your lights where you want them.

From Retro Turn Signals to Bullet Turn Signals, we’ve got the options you need for the getup you want.


But lighting doesn’t end with turn signals. We’re also offering Headlight and Taillight Upgrades Packages that include our Fender Eliminator Kits so you can completely transform your bike’s front and back end. Our Fender Eliminator Kits allow you to ditch your bulky stock rear fender and streamline your bike with just a taillight and license plate. Install these packages together, and pow — a whole new look for your bike.


In order to mount your new turn signals and headlights, you should use our custom brackets to get the best results. Because if you’re going to get new lights, you should put them where they look best.


If you’re looking for other upgrades to complement a new lighting setup, changing out your seat or upgrading your bike’s trim will make your personalizations pop.

Transform your Triumph this weekend with an easy-to-install Turn Signal Upgrades Package, and make your build you.