Weekend Projects Modern Classic Handlebar Buyer’s Guide


Which bars you pick defines both how your bike looks and feels.


You gotta make sure you can mount your handlebars to your triple clamp.


A little customization goes a long way.


Tired of that vanilla front end on your Modern Classic? Of manhandling those stock handlebars weighed down by all their bulky controls every time you look, lean, and roll? Are you looking for a more refined yet aggressive look reminiscent of the old café or tracker days? Then come take a look at some of our handlebar options to revamp your look and give your bike a new sleek feel or a rugged subtlety you never knew it could have.


Biltwell’s Clubman handlebars, available in chrome or black, will lend that classic café racer look to your stock beauty. For an even more aggressive racer setup, use these mean-looking LSL Clipons — which we recommend you install with these babies to keep it comfortable, and this Flat Gauge Cluster to keep it streamlined.

Looking for something dirtier? Check out our Biltwell Tracker Bars or Biltwell Moto Bars, and give your bike a look that pays homage to some of the old dirt track builds used by racer legends like Eddie Mulder, Sonny Nutter, and Gary Nixon. Those with discerning taste will be happy to know we’ve teamed up with Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles to offer a new flat tracker handlebar — called the Mule Bar. These chrome beauties will grace your build with a burly yet elegant look letting people know you and yours ride dirty. Set your tracker up right with a British Customs Flat Gauge Cluster or even a Single Gauge Bracket to keep your instrument panel clean. And if you’re seeking that rough moto look but want something more comfortable, these Renthal Aluminum Fat Handlebars have you covered, with a 3.78” rise.

New handlebars need new grips. Like the finer things? Slide these beautiful diamond-printed Biltwell Thruster Grips on those bars and see how they feel. Or these classic, cushy Biltwell Recoil Grips for a nice, comfortable handhold. And complement your new setup with a new pair of mirrors too. CRG’s Folding Billet Bar-End Mirrors sing of the original rocker look with the super-low profile and aerodynamic shape they give the front end. If you want something more upright but still want those bar ends that open up the front, take a look at these sophisticated Bar Ends by Triumph.

By the way — all these parts are bolt-on, which means they’re easy to install, making them perfect for a weekend afternoon project. We offer four bolt handlebar riser clamps in 7/8”, 1”, and 1 1/8” to make changing handlebars an effortless job and to make your riding position more comfortable. Please don’t forget to check the fitting chart below to make sure that the parts you want fit your bike, because one size doesn’t fit all. As it shouldn’t — make your bike yours. Stand out from the crowd with British Customs.

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