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Fat Bar Risers for Your Triumph Street Triple

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If you're looking to switch out the stock risers and handlebars on your Triumph Street Triple, do it with ease with the British Customs Fat Bar Risers. These Fat Bar Risers make the switch quick and easy while providing you a high quality, durable product. This bolt on installation is one of the quickest ways to clean up the front end of your Street ...

Mirror Block-Offs for Your Daytona 675

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Everyone imagines their bike to look a specific way, their own way. If you own a Triumph Daytona 675, you may envision your bike without mirrors. After removing your mirrors, you'll be left with unsightly holes in your controls. British Customs has engineered Mirror Block Offs for your Daytona 675 that fit smoothly into those holes. ...

GP Exhaust Mounting Finisher for Your Speed Triple

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Recently, our posts have had a lot to do with how your bike looks, and this post is no different. As you may have figured out, making some alterations to your bike can leave unsightly consequences. Using aftermarket parts on Triumphs often leaves visible stock mounting holes. If you've upgraded to a GP-style exhaust on your Triumph Speed Triple, for example, you'll have noticed this immediately. This is why British Customs has designed the GP Exhaust Mounting Finisher. ...