Triumph Modern Classics

British Customs Slammer Seat

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Shorter, lower, stripped down and raw, the British Customs Slammer Seat delivers instant attitude to your Triumph Modern Classic while maintaining two-up capabilities. The tuck-and-roll style cover maintains your Bonnie’s retro vibe while the exposed factory subframe and accentuated rear-end enhance Hinkley’s original intents. Available in Black, Brown or our exclusive Signature Series Brown Leather, the BC Slammer Seat features a vibration killing, medical-grade, gel insert and a slimmer shape to enhance positioning and rider comfort. Combined with our Retro Tail Light or one of BC’s Fender Eliminator Kits, that ...

Upgrading the seat on your Modern Classic has never been easier!

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Few items on your Triumph Modern Classic stand out like its seat. Your centre for comfort and control not only provides padding for the journey ahead, but softens the edges of your bike’s mechanical aesthetic. It should come as no surprise then, that changes made here affect more than your ability walk after a long day in the saddle. British Customs has designed a selection of seats for your Triumph Modern Classic that bolt on in seconds and will leave you hard pressed to figure out where you’d rather be: in the saddle grinning like a Cheshire Cat or giving it the twenty-yard stare, drooling with everyone else.   Check ...

Increase the Performance on Your Triumph Thruxton: Intakes & Tuning

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[caption id="attachment_7824" align="aligncenter" width="580"] Sean D. caught drifting BC’s "Desert Sled" Triumph Thruxton in an abandoned lot near BC headquarters.[/caption] Upgrading your Intake So that new exhaust system on your Thruxton looks pretty incredible right? Andthat sound -- Well it probably has you running through tunnels day and night, doesn’t it? Now, how about we really open things up and help your Hinkley Twin breathe a little better too? British Customs has developed an Air Box Elimination Kit and an Air Injection Removal Kit to do just that. Available for either carbureted or injected models, the ...