The Open Road Prefers Characters

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The open road is full of characters. That’s the draw, the desire, the addiction to the unknown we crave. The lack of boundary pulls the best from us, inspires the character inside to come out and play. No doubt you’ve met more than a few characters on the open road and still tell stories about them: the woman who shared her last cigarette with you at Pismo; the kid who saved your ass from a mid-desert flat; the guy you shared a lane with in complete darkness from Denver to Albuquerque before he disappeared south with a familiar smile. Ever wonder if you made an equal impression on them? If they still tell ...

The Open Road Speaks to Us and For Us

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The open road is not to be taken for granted. It’s seen many like you before and will see many like you in the years to come. Those who know the open road well, know it’s more than the road they frequented as a kid, kicking stones and chasing birds. The open road is more than the slab of asphalt they parked beside for their first kiss. And it’s still more than the means to escape the suffocating madness within cubicles, apartments and city limits. The open road is a way of life. We’ve been drawn to it because it is the lifeblood. It is not transportation, it is not infrastructure, it is not extinct. As long as we ...

Tuxedos and Triumphs

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  A white-tie affair. This years Peers Network Summer Gala offered just that--along with a great cause in the Challenged Athletes Foundation. CAF is an organization whose mission is to provide opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles and competitive athletics. Alana Nichols is one such athlete. After being paralyzed in a snowboarding accident when she was 17, Alana experience severe difficulty adjusting to her new life. With the help of CAF in the form of a purpose-build chair for basketball, she was able to continue to excel in athletics. While completing ...