Pro Builder Series from British Customs

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Creativity and innovation are integral to the British Customs modification and customization process. We want to recognize builders from around the globe and their achievements in designing and manufacturing custom parts and bikes. The Pro Builder Series will bring greater awareness to our fellow riders and Triumph motorcycle enthusiasts. We will feature some of the most innovative and highly respected motorcycle builders from around the globe. Our goal is to showcase the talent and vision these builders possess, while giving our audience an inside-look at the development process and providing inspiration for your own build ...

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Raises $1 Million for Prostate Cancer Research

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If you see a smartly-clad-chap tooling along the highway on a classic motorcycle, do not be afraid--he is clearly a distinguished gentlemen. This years event, set for Sunday, September 28, will include many such dapper gentleman--and some gentle-ladies too One day per year riders of classically-styled bikes get the opportunity to dust off their formal digs, gas up, and hit the roads with other finely dressed motorcyclists. Starched tweed, a waxed 'stache, and wingtips are acceptable and encouraged. Think of it as an opportunity to show the community what a proper cafe racer looks like. British Customs is happy to be a part ...

Increase Rider Performance with Hybrid Gel Technology

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When the time comes to upgrade your seat, what’s the first question that comes to mind? For us, it’s the why. Why would I need to upgrade my seat? What’s the Most Important Feature of a Seat? Do you consider the style of the seat first? Are you more concerned with the comfort and how the seat will stand up on long rides? Maybe you simply want a seat that is built to last. As our team began the research and development phase for our latest line of seats, this line of questioning weighed heavily on the process. We kept coming back to one question: why can’t we have it all? We dug in and made it a point ...