Triumph Modern Classics

Analog Motorcycles Thruxton Tidy Tail 3T

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The heart of a Café Racer lies in its stripped down, minimalist aesthetic. Riders looking to run the ton shed weight and excess baggage at the drop of a checkered flag and never look back. The Thruxton Tidy Tail 3T by Analog Motorcycles, a part of the British Customs Pro Builder Series of products, is the latest way that weight conscious riders can streamline the requisite electrics on the back end of their Triumph Thruxton and create a high-tech, clean and modern aesthetic. The Tidy Tail 3T’s fully integrated LED taillight unit includes a billet aluminum, black powder-coated plate that houses a premium LED array. Far ...

British Customs x Analog Motorcycles

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It all comes down to the details. Whether you believe the devil lurks within them or not, its those small, minute executions of creativity that make or break a design. Tony Prust is obsessed with them. Take one look at any of his custom bike builds and you’ll see what we mean. His shop, Analog Motorcycles, has been seriously sweating the small things for riders seeking absolute cohesion in each and every one of the hand-built customs that bears the Analog name. When you find out that Tony used to be a finish-carpenter -- a field that rewards a keen eye as quickly as it plucks out a dull one -- it starts to make sense. When ...

Northern Ohio Triumph’s “Elysium”

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Working with Triumph’s Ton-running factory Cafe Racer, the Thruxton, twenty-seven year-old Carl Peshof and the team from Northern Ohio Triumph and Ducati, decided to showcase its inherent old school appeal. Of course, that doesn’t mean they left anything alone. Performance was paramount with their build as they overbored the the Hinkley twin to punch it up to 1000cc’s. High compression pistons, a hotter cam set, bigger intake manifolds and larger injectors were all added to the mix to make Elysium a powerful enough to contend in the Thruxton Cup.   We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t wanna risk swapping paint ...