Check Out What’s New for the Triumph Street Triple 675

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The Triumph Street Triple is mechanized aggression, bound only by its contact patches. To enhance that overall aesthetic British Customs has created some easily installed options to smooth out some of the ST3’s unnecessarily jagged edges and put even more creative control into your hands. Click Here to see How to Streamline your Triumph Street Triple 675 (Video provided by Everything ...

Increase the Performance on Your Triumph Thruxton: Intakes & Tuning

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[caption id="attachment_7824" align="aligncenter" width="580"] Sean D. caught drifting BC’s "Desert Sled" Triumph Thruxton in an abandoned lot near BC headquarters.[/caption] Upgrading your Intake So that new exhaust system on your Thruxton looks pretty incredible right? Andthat sound -- Well it probably has you running through tunnels day and night, doesn’t it? Now, how about we really open things up and help your Hinkley Twin breathe a little better too? British Customs has developed an Air Box Elimination Kit and an Air Injection Removal Kit to do just that. Available for either carbureted or injected models, the ...

How to Upgrade The Performance On Your Triumph Thruxton

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A custom exhaust is the fastest way to punch up performance and add instant style to your Triumph Thruxton. British Customs knows this better than most, so we’ve painstakingly developed options -- ranging from mild to wild -- to take your factory cafe racer to the next level. If silence is golden, we’ll stick with stainless steel, thank you very much. Click Here to Learn ...