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Sleek New Rear End for your Triumph Motorcycle

October 10th, 2011 No comments

Cleaning up the rear end of your Triumph can be very quick and easy with the British Customs Side Mount License Plate Holder. This Side Mount License Plate Holder allows you to relocate your license plate off the side of your swing arm, giving your bike a much sleeker and cleaner look. This license plate holder is available as a curved plate (shown above) or a flat plate. Change the outlook of your bike with this simple modification!

Relocate Your Rectifer With Ease

October 7th, 2011 No comments

Clean up the front end of your Triumph by relocating your rectifier with the British Customs Triumph Motorcycle Rectifier Relocation Kit. This kit will assist you in relocating your rectifier to the upper frame tubes (as shown above), accommodating the mounting of both the horn and rectifier. The bracket is precision laser cut steel, and powder coated to match the frame and prevent oxidation. Everything you need to relocate your rectifier is included in this kit.

Mirror Block-Offs for Your Daytona 675

October 3rd, 2011 No comments

Triumph Daytona 675 British Customs Mirror Block-Offs

Everyone imagines their bike to look a specific way, their own way. If you own a Triumph Daytona 675, you may envision your bike without mirrors. After removing your mirrors, you’ll be left with unsightly holes in your controls. British Customs has engineered Mirror Block Offs for your Daytona 675 that fit smoothly into those holes.

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Headers bluing? Bike running hot? Popping during deceleration?

September 28th, 2011 No comments

Triumph Motorcycles British Customs Low-Profile Air Injection Removal Kit

Eliminating your air injection system helps improve the condition of your bike. It reduces the operating temperature, reduces the chance of your headers bluing, and decreases/eliminates popping during deceleration with aftermarket pipes. The British Customs Triumph Motorcycle Air Injection Removal Kit is an inexpensive upgrade that will make a big different on how your Triumph runs. This easy and simple fix is available to you for just $24.95-25.95. Click here for more details.

GP Exhaust Mounting Finisher for Your Speed Triple

September 21st, 2011 1 comment

Recently, our posts have had a lot to do with how your bike looks, and this post is no different. As you may have figured out, making some alterations to your bike can leave unsightly consequences. Using aftermarket parts on Triumphs often leaves visible stock mounting holes. If you’ve upgraded to a GP-style exhaust on your Triumph Speed Triple, for example, you’ll have noticed this immediately. This is why British Customs has designed the GP Exhaust Mounting Finisher.

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Cap Off Holes in Your Triumph’s Rear End

September 14th, 2011 No comments

British Customs Turn Signal Block-Offs

After relocating your turn signals, you may have noticed the unpleasant looking holes left behind in your Triumph’s rear end. British Customs has engineered Rear Turn Signal Block Offs that fit perfectly into the stock signals mounting location. Using our block offs will help create a finished look to your bike. These block offs are easy to install and remove, in case you ever want to return back to stock turn signals.

Want Bobber Style Headlights?

September 12th, 2011 No comments

British Customs Headlight Bracket

British Customs is all about customizing and building your own Triumph the way you envision it. We’re here to help you customize your bike however you may want it to look and perform. If you’re looking to achieve the classic look of Triumph of yesteryear, a great place to start is removing your stock headlight and headlight ears and replacing it with a bobber style headlight.

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Headlight Ears Are Here!

September 4th, 2011 No comments

British Customs Headlight Ears

Late last year, we gave you a preview of our new Headlight Ears. We worked on them for some time to get them just right, but we are glad to announce that the Headlight Ears are ready for purchase! Expose your upper fork tubes and easily adjust your headlight position with the British Customs Triumph Motorcycle Headlight Ears. These Headlight Ears replace the factory headlight ears with billet components, allowing you to position the headlight 10mm closer to the bike.

Customer Profile: Brian Daines – 2011 Triumph Thruxton

September 1st, 2011 2 comments

Brian Daines from Oklahoma sent us this picture of his 2011 Triumph Thruxton. In addition to custom upgrades such as the best selling  British Customs Predator Exhausts and BC Lucas Fender Eliminator Kit, Brian added a custom paint job, a pin stripe to the front fender, to complete the look of his Thruxton. What a beauty!

Featured British Customs parts:

Clarification on Ceramic Coated Headers Service

July 13th, 2011 No comments

Have your headers become discolored? Are they a little blue? Are you looking to give your bike a sleeker look? British Customs offers a Ceramic Coated Header Service for your Triumph Motorcycle. Lasting 14 times longer than chrome, this durable protective matte black finish will cover up any existing discoloration and prevent new discoloration and rust. Coating additionally reduces surface temperature by up to 25 percent.

Note that a new pair of header crush gaskets are required for installation of newly coated head pipes. Header crush gaskets are available for purchase for $9.95 each. These gaskets are not reusable.

There are two options when ordering:

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