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Team Triumph’s “Gypsy”

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When Todd Ligman and his build team from Team Triumph were tapped to create a unique custom for the Iron Moto Challenge, they turned to the history and culture of the motorcycles, and their riders, for inspiration. Their build, the Gypsy, is svelte, clean and simple in its approach, but every inch a traveller. Beginning with a bone-stock Triumph Bonneville T-100, the Team Triumph crew went to work with their own custom black wheel hubs, voltage regulator and throttle bodies. The trained eye will also notice that every single bolt was replaced during the build and the custom side covers, again a Team Triumph creation, devoid of ...

Motoworks Chicago’s “Calle Maton”

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One look at Calle Maton (aka Street Thug), the entirely hot-rodded Triumph Speedmaster Iron Moto Challenge build, created by Johnny Scheff and his Motoworks Chicago crew is all it takes. That paint, a product of hours of labour by Blue Moon Kustoms, is intricate and enticing. You can’t help but be drawn to it. Just don’t get too close. Like a moth to a flame, you’ll be burned just as quick. You see, Scheff is a bit of a showman. During the build’s early stages, when he was joking around with teammate Jonathan Costello about a fiery paint job and Costello said it should shoot flames, well Calle Maton’s fate was ...

Windy City Triumph’s Bonneville “Simple Green”

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The world of custom bike building can be a very slippery slope. It doesn’t take long for those bar-end mirrors to lead to budget-busting touches like paint, wheels and some extensive motor work. Ken Rudoy and the Windy City Triumph team decided to showcase how careful costing and attention to detail can create an affordable custom that oozes creativity and cool. Their entry for the Iron Moto Challenge, dubbed Simple Green, is an example of just how far the average rider, with patience and (admittedly exquisite) talent, can go to creating a personal project on a without blowing the bank.   In lieu of pricey paints, ...