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How to Upgrade The Performance On Your Triumph Thruxton

April 23rd, 2014 No comments


A custom exhaust is the fastest way to punch up performance and add instant style to your Triumph Thruxton. British Customs knows this better than most, so we’ve painstakingly developed options — ranging from mild to wild — to take your factory cafe racer to the next level. If silence is golden, we’ll stick with stainless steel, thank you very much.

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Upgrade The Performance On Your Triumph Thruxton: British Customs Performance Exhausts

April 14th, 2014 1 comment

British Customs Predator Exhaust

The British Customs Predator Exhaust was developed to deliver a factory finished look with the bolt-on performance of systems twice its price: A quick search on any forum will tell you we succeeded. The aggressive up-swept profile of the Predators is enough to make Dean slug Brando just to cop a better look and 14-gauge stainless steel construction means these cans will outlast even those icons. With their increased flow, the Predators up the ante of the Thruxton’s grunt to a 7% bump in horsepower over stock. Add to that the classic throaty thrum of Triumphs of yore, and the fact that BC’s exclusive mechanical baffle system will never falter, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t bought them already.

British Customs Shorty Predator Exhaust

Our brand new Shorty Thruxton Predator Exhaust delivers just the right amount of hooligan to your Hinkley Twin to let the neighborhood know that your Thruxton means business. Coming in at seven-inches shorter than our original Predator cans, the Shorty’s pack BC’s exclusive baffle design into an up-swept reverse-cone that’s always dialed in and never needs re-packing. The Shorty pipes also tip the scales at five-pounds less (per side) than big brother and basically mainline thunder directly into your soul. They are available in either black ceramic or the classic showroom finish of polished. CLICK HERE to hear British Customs Shorty Predator Exhaust.

British Customs 2-into-1 Exhaust System

Developed for competition use in the Thruxton Cup, the British Customs 2-into-1 Exhaust is a track ready system engineered to get you off the line and down the back straight, ahead of the pack. Starting with a fresh set of brushed, stainless steel headers our 2-into-1 system uses the factory crossover location to run the exhaust along the left side of your Thruxton. This not only sheds weight, but exposes the form that is function in the right-hand sided driveline. Available in either brushed, raw stainless steel or black ceramic finish. DSC_4742-1000X720

British Customs Drag Pipe System - COMING SOON!bc_dirt_bike - web

Our new British Customs Drag Pipes are a take-no-prisoners approach to performance for your Triumph Thruxton. More than mere mandrel bent steel, our Drag Pipes were engineered to maintain the back pressure needed for low end grunt and tame that hollow header racket. To do that, we developed a maintenance-free louver core design wrapped in stainless steel wool. Combined with our built-in crossover the BC Drag Pipes maximize flow to deliver an infinitely more rideable machine. The result of hundreds of hours of development, the Drag Pipes employ one-piece stainless steel construction with larger diameter headers to ensure their performance and fit tick all of the right boxes. If loud pipes save lives, these bad boys might actually raise the dead. Available Summer 2014!

Racing Starts This Weekend

March 21st, 2013 No comments


Grab your family and friends and join us this weekend, March 22-24, at NOLA in Avondale, Louisiana for a weekend of racing.

As the racers start to arrive in Avondale, Louisiana for the first race of the season; anticipation begins to build. As each racer works to complete the final touches to their Triumph Thruxton they start to prepare mentally for thrilling race ahead. They imagine the stress and excitement as they work their way to the front of the line, the way the tires feel on the asphalt as they push their motorcycles to their limit in hope to get one position closer to the finish line. It’s an adrenaline filled experience that a racer will never forget.

Have you ever dreamed of racing your Triumph Thruxton? Well now is your chance! The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) has a spec class called the Thruxton Cup TransAtlantic Challenge created specifically for the Triumph Thruxton. This class was created for racers of all ages and skill levels, ranging from beginners to experts. With minimal modifications, you can be one of the many who have decided to live out a dream of racing classic Triumph café racers. Click here to get more information on becoming a racer in the Thruxton Cup.

Thruxton Cup 2013 Promo Video

Cafe Racer Readers West Coast Bike Show UPDATE!

January 12th, 2013 1 comment

The Cafe Racer West Coast Readers Ride Bike Show date has been changed to Satruday March 2nd.  The event is open to all builders and bikes.  Stay tuned for more details or visit the Cafe Racer Website

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