Team Triumph’s “Gypsy”

When Todd Ligman and his build team from Team Triumph were tapped to create a unique custom for the Iron Moto Challenge, they turned to the history and culture of the motorcycles, and their riders, for inspiration. Their build, the Gypsy, is svelte, clean and simple in its approach, but every inch a traveller. Beginning with a bone-stock Triumph Bonneville T-100, the Team Triumph crew went to work with their own custom black wheel hubs, voltage regulator and throttle bodies. The trained eye will also notice that every single bolt was replaced during the build and the custom side covers, again a Team Triumph creation, devoid of holes on top and some custom, hand-applied calligraphy from Atomic “Bob” McElroy. Oh yeah, and Team Triumph finished their build before anyone else at Motoblot.

MotoBlot Saturday-518

The Shinko Whitewall tires play off of the Team Triumph/Paintworks pearl white lacquer perfectly, highlighting a ride through Triumph’s prodigious past. Their Gypsy is an exercise in restraint whose subtleties are best appreciated up close and personally, preferably while on the road. Hagon 2810 shocks add comfort and stability to the ride while the British Customs Leather Slammer seat and Sleeper exhaust continue Team Triumph’s theme of less is more.

Stare at her. Take in as much as you can — This is the Gypsy that steals your heart and breaks it when she sells it back to you.

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** Photos courtesy of Alex Hawn **

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