Motoworks Chicago’s “Calle Maton”

One look at Calle Maton (aka Street Thug), the entirely hot-rodded Triumph Speedmaster Iron Moto Challenge build, created by Johnny Scheff and his Motoworks Chicago crew is all it takes. That paint, a product of hours of labour by Blue Moon Kustoms, is intricate and enticing. You can’t help but be drawn to it. Just don’t get too close. Like a moth to a flame, you’ll be burned just as quick.

MotoBlot Saturday-571

You see, Scheff is a bit of a showman. During the build’s early stages, when he was joking around with teammate Jonathan Costello about a fiery paint job and Costello said it should shoot flames, well Calle Maton’s fate was sealed: It would shoot flames. The BC Cocktail Shaker pipes were fed into a custom midpipe and some creative re-mapping of the ECU went down, but in the end, well see for yourself.


Calle Maton’s attitude starts with retro touches like the Ape Hangers, fork gaiters, pipe-wrap and paint, and ends in a ball of flames, smoke and glory. All-black wheels combine with the equally dark treatment to the engine bay and front end to give this Speedmaster an entirely “murdered-out” appearance. And, if things get too hot for you, you can always crack a frosty one with the rear fender’s most important bolt-on.

MotoBlot Saturday-632-2

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**Photos courtesy of Alex Hawn**


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