Iron Moto Challenge: 5 Hours, 4 Bikes. One Winner

If you weren’t one of the lucky riders out there to make it to the Windy City for Motoblot this last weekend, you missed out on some incredible action. Custom motorcycles, live performances and, of course, The Iron Moto Challenge. Each individual that registers and casts their vote will be entered to win a $4,500 travel and motorcycle prize package, register now at Iron Moto Challenge

The teams from MotoWorks Chicago,  Northern Ohio TriumphTeam Triumph of Wisconsin and Windy City Triumph all threw down, right in front of the audience, to create an incredible atmosphere and crank out some impressive custom Triumphs in the process. The rules were simple in that there really was only one: The builders had to make use of a pre-determined selection of British Customs bolt-ons — the same one’s you can use to execute your own individual build at home. Each bike was unique, drawing inspiration from each team leader involved in the build: For Todd Ligman at Team Triumph it was a look back in history, taking you to his favourite era of an old school style of bikes; Johnny Scheff at Chicago Motoworks took things a completely different direction with their Triumphs cruiser build turning it into a “flame throwing” bobber and showed how even bolt-ons can handle some modifications; Ken Rudoy at Windy City Triumph, with significant budget constraints showed how much you could do to transform your bike and make it your own style; and Carl Peshof from Northern Ohio Triumph showcased a retro style with a modern flair with a modified British Customs cafe seat and some high performance upgrades.

The teams all got under way at 12:12pm, stripping things down and putting them all back together in front of the crowd. Keeping cool and composed Team Triumph was cracking their first beer at 2:35pm with Northern Ohio letting theirs stay in the fridge for just a bit longer — they finished at 3:19. Chicago Motoworks was next to the line at 3:28, but they received a handicap based on the complexity of the build. Windy City’s Bonneville T-100 came together at 4:23.

Those times are important to note, as they factor into the judges final score. Heres the total breakdown of what they’re looking for Judging Criteria for Bike:

  • Highest score out of these five categories wins, each category is judged on a scale of 1-5, and people’s choice is highest votes.
    • Hoonability (Performance and Finish Time) (20% final score)
    • Curb Candy (Looks) (20% final score)
    • Best Paint (20% final score)
    • People’s Choice (40% final score)

All in all, the show was an incredible experience with an amazing crowd of riders and bikes. If you didn’t make it down to Chicago this year, start making plans for next — its going to be epic.