Increase the Performance on Your Triumph Thruxton: Intakes & Tuning


Sean D. caught drifting BC’s “Desert Sled” Triumph Thruxton in an abandoned lot near BC headquarters.

Upgrading your Intake

BC803-005 Airbox removal - Glory webSo that new exhaust system on your Thruxton looks pretty incredible right? Andthat sound — Well it probably has you running through tunnels day and night, doesn’t it? Now, how about we really open things up and help your Hinkley Twin breathe a little better too? British Customs has developed an Air Box Elimination Kit and an Air Injection Removal Kit to do just that.BC803-001S-1

Available for either carbureted or injected models, the British Customs Air Box Elimination Kit is designed to increase airflow into your engine, boost performance and maintain the drop-dead gorgeous looks of your Triumph Thruxton 900.
The secret lies in our laser-cut, welded and powder coated all-aluminum battery box. Fabricated to sneakily fit the battery itself, engine ECU and spacer, starter solenoid, fuse box and relays, we also made some room to install the less restrictive (and included) K&N cone filters. You’ll notice the difference the first time you crack the throttle and, in true BC fashion, our kit includes everything you need to get the job done properly.

Add to that the British Customs Air Injection Removal Kit and you can quickly put an end to bluing headers and that annoying popping during deceleration. By bypassing the air injection system on your stock Thruxton, _MG_0058this BC kit helps your motor run noticeably cooler; this not only helps exploit those performance gains you’ve scored with the new exhaust and intake, but it will help keep your headers shiny and new.


Tuning Your Triumph Thruxton

So now that all of the physical work is done, you’ve got to tap into your Thruxton’s neural epicenter to teach it just how to play with its new toys. It’s really not as daunting a task as it sounds, and British Customs is here to help. Both Tuneboy and Power Commander have the goods to help obtain optimal mapping solutions — so you can get the most out of your injected Triumph Thruxton. And, to make sure our carbureted riders out there are just as well sorted, our team has specially prepared the British Customs Jet Kit.

el06-013sUsing their plug-and-play tuning module, the Tune Boy Engine Management System comes equipped with a number of proven programs that speak to your Hinkey Twin in the East Midlands accent it knows and loves. With the Tune Boy cable attached, users can modify ignition mapping, fueling, diagnose a check engine light or even change their rev limit, to name but a few.

The Dynojet Power Commander V (PCV) module works in much the same way, but this latest version does away with the 9-volt adapter needed in earlier iterations. Once connected to your engine’s ECU, the PCV opens up a world of tuning possibilities for your Thruxton, including individual cylinder mapping for each of your 5 gears. el06-023The British Customs team even worked directly with Dynojet when we developed our Predator Exhaust to create the first fuel injection maps for the entire range of Triumph Modern Classics.

Not looking to purchase a tuning module? There is a free program called TuneECU available online. All you need is to start tuning is an OBD-USB FTDI cable and the software. There are a limited number of tunes available through TuneECU but it is a great tool for those looking to tune their bike with minimal expense. You can also take your Thruxton down to your local Triumph dealer and have them remap your engine’s ECU using available Arrow maps.

When it comes to riders running carbureted Thruxtons, the British Customs Performance Jet Kit is the optimal answer for your tuning needs. Designed to work exceptionally with BC’s line of exhausts and intake packages, this Jet Kit will boost performance tuning while maintaining fuel economy figures. Equipped with a pair of 140 and 135 main jets, as well as a 42 pilot jet, this is the lynchpin piece that makes all of your other tuning work come together.

  • Jonathan Peverall

    Triumph twin power makes fantastic tunes for those going the tuneecu route as I did. My 13 thruxton runs PERFECT with predators and TTP tune.

  • Randal Birkey

    Why is the Power Commander V not listed as applicable for the 2012 Thruxton?