Customer Profile: 2009 Bonneville T100

Check out this 2009 Triumph Bonneville T100 belonging to Jim Horner in Bandon, SD. We know Jim pretty well now, and we’re glad he sent us these photos of his finished bike. Jim bought this bike after it was in a front end collision. There was no headlight, no gauges, ruined tank, plus a multitude of other things that were missing or ruined. We’re amazed at what Jim was able to do!

Jim started the transformation of his motorcycle by focusing on power and performance. To unleash the power of his bike, Jim removed his air box with the British Customs Air Box Removal Kit, in addition to installing the Dynojet Power Commander V. Removing your air box with the BC kit allows more air to flow into the motor through two high flow air filters.

For better handling of his Triumph’s increased power and performance, Jim installed the British Customs 21″ Front Wheel Conversion Kit and the Wide Rear Wheel Kit. Steering dampner and billet fork brace were also installed to provide additional stability.

Now focusing on the look of his Triumph, Jim installed a new chrome master cylinder cover, lowered progressive fork springs, power coated rims, clubman bars, and billet risers with actual bull nose rings around the handlebar in between the risers. He, of course, had to get new gauges and a new tank.

Here’s what Jim had to say to us:

Thanks so much for your help, guys; this project turned out awesome. I couldn’t have done it without BC.

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