Customer Profile: 2004 Thruxton – Katy L.

Ben Z. from Los Angeles sent us these photos of his wife’s bike, Katy. She enjoys riding around on a 2004 Triumph Thruxton. Here’s what Ben had to say about Katy:

Her name is Katy and has been riding since she was a kid. She grew up riding a Ninja and when she moved here to Los Angeles, she decided she wanted more of a cafe bike. She and I usually take weekend trips on our bikes, (I ride a Sportster). She loves her Thruxton, whether if it’s riding to Julian, San Diego to have some apple pie, Big Sur with friends to go camping, or just across town for a milk shake.

We see that Katy really loves her bike, because we can see all the work she’s put into it. Looking for an affordable way to increase the power to her bike, Katy installed the British Customs Air Box Removal Kit. She also upgraded to the BC Wide Rear Wheel Kit to provide better stability for the increased power.

Katy didn’t forget about the look of her Thruxton. She cleaned up the rear end of her Triumph with the BC Lucas Fender Eliminator Kit. To complete the look to the back end of her bike, she installed square turn signals. To add more comfort for her passengers, maybe for her husband Ben, she installed a chrome sissy bar. Katy also upgraded to a Sixty8 Series seat to further customize the look of her bike.

Mirrors were upgraded to CRG Folding Billet Bar-End Mirrors, great for easy storage or tight parking situations. Additionally, Katy installed a fly screen in the front and replaced the front brake reservoir with a more durable, high quality one.

Thanks for sharing these pictures of your wife and her Thruxton, Ben. These are great photos. We hope you and Katy continue to enjoy riding around from place to place together.

  • Jasi

    What a beauty that bike is. What rims and tire size are these?