GP Exhaust Mounting Finisher for Your Speed Triple

Recently, our posts have had a lot to do with how your bike looks, and this post is no different. As you may have figured out, making some alterations to your bike can leave unsightly consequences. Using aftermarket parts on Triumphs often leaves visible stock mounting holes. If you’ve upgraded to a GP-style exhaust on your Triumph Speed Triple, for example, you’ll have noticed this immediately. This is why British Customs has designed the GP Exhaust Mounting Finisher.

Unlike other finisher plugs on the market made from plastic, the British Customs Triumph GP Exhaust Mounting Finisher is CNC machined and constructed from 6061 aluminum. With our unique and sleek design, our mounting finisher will fit seamlessly onto your bike. Sometimes it’s just the little things that can really make a bike look so much cleaner.

  • Chris Bradley

    I actually find those holes quite useful for things like tying down cargo to the passenger seat, they make a perfect spot to put two ratchet straps thru for trailing, and I even used them for rigging mounts when I picked my bike up at work with the overhead crane. I hated they way they looked at first too, but in time they have revealed themselves to be quite handy!!