Cafe Racer TV Sneak Peek: Part 2

A few weeks ago, we gave you a preview of what we did to a Triumph Thruxton Motorcycle for Cafe Racer TV. Today we’re going to share with you some of the work and customizations we made to this bike. Check out how easy it is to customize this stock bike using our bolt-on parts.

Starting with this stock Thruxton, the BC team laid the parts and pieces we needed out, ready to install.

Jason assisting Steve carefully remove the gas tank.

The Cafe Racer TV crew right in the middle of everything as the we strip the bike down.

Upgrading the shocks and tires.

Installation of new Hagon Nitro Shocks, BC Fender Eliminator Kit and other BC accessories.

Fast forward to the BC Team tightening the bolts and putting the front tire back on.

Sparks fly as Jason makes modifications to the kickstand.

Serious Steve. Wiring can be serious business but British Customs makes it simple.

The TV crew captures us putting on the final touches to our custom Cafe Racer bike.
Check out the final product below!

Stayed tuned for more information on this bike build. The next post will feature the Cafe Racer TV crew, the Boz Bros (Eric and Ben Bostrom), and the British Customs team taking this bike for a test run and matching it up against a stock Triumph Thruxton. Find out what the Boz Bros had to say by tuning into the Cafe Racer TV show on HD Theater/Velocity by Discovery in October.