Shed that Extra Weight!

I know I can stand to shed a few pounds, and so can your Triumph. Take some of that unnecessary extra poundage off your bike with the British Customs Front Sprocket Cover w/ Holes; it weighs less than half a pound! Replace that bulky factory sprocket cover with our low profile one to give yourself an aggressive edge. Made from stainless steel, the British Customs Front Sprocket Covers are available in different styles to fit your personal bike: Solid and Radius with holes, and available in a polished chrome finish or a black matte finish.  Keep your eyes out for the matching chain guard, currently in production.

  • Sandbar McThruxton

    An advantage of replacing the stock chain cover is that the bulbous stock one pushes your right foot out to the end of the footpeg. Replacing it allows you to bring your foot inboard more and is more comfortable.

    The only downside I’ve found is that my front sprocket nut and countershaft are rusty and this shows through the holes in the cover. Maybe BC can source a replacement nut that won’t corrode.