Notice Any Changes to the Latest Triumph Speedmaster

The newest Speedmaster model (2012) has a small change, and by small, we mean a smaller headlight. The headlight on the new Speedmasters are much smaller than previous models. Pictured above you’ll find the same size dart flyscreen on an older and newer model of the Triumph Speedmaster (left and right respectively). You’ll see that our current flyscreens fit snugly on older headlights, but we wanted you to see how the flyscreens fit over the newest model. There’s about a one inch gap from the top of the headlight to the bottom of the flyscreen, giving it a unique new look. There seems to be no change on the new America.

  • Wmcnelis32001

    Sorry, Sean, I like the older one better. The newer model does not seem to be fitted to the bike it is on. Bill