British Customs Sleeper Silencers

Here at British Customs, we always stand behind our products. We want you to know that we are well aware that there has been some issues with the T100 Sleeper Silencers fitting properly onto newer models of Triumph bikes and we are doing everything we can to resolve the issue.

Triumph has recently changed the design of their headers and our testing has found that some bikes have had problems with our exhaust sleepers fitting properly. We have manufactured new T100 Sleeper Silencers to fit this new design.

VINs ending in 437492 and below GENERALLY have no problem and fit our existing exhaust sleeper design. While VINs ending in 437493 and above will need the new design. You can choose your VIN number when purchasing from our website. However, we have come across a small number of older model Triumphs that have this fitting problem.

British Customs has Sleeper Silencers that will fit your bike. We back up our products 100 percent, meaning, if you receive exhaust sleepers that don’t fit properly, please contact us and we will send you ones that will. We know you’re excited to get your new BC exhaust in the mail, but we ask that if it seems that you need to apply pressure to the muffler at the rear peg hanger to mount when installing, that you stop and contact us.

We wish to thank you all for your support of our products and your patience while we sort through the issues with the new style head pipes from Triumph.