NEW! British Customs 2 into 1 Left Exit Exhaust Coming Soon!

Coming Soon from British Customs is the 2 into1 left exit exhaust! Tell us what you think about our new edition to our popular exhaust line up. This exhaust system is designed as a 2 into 1 to increase horsepower and torque. We are still in the production stage and would like to hear your comments. Stay tuned for more info!


  • Jr

    Well, I can’t say I care for it at all. Too many bends, pipes are not long enough to produce any real usuable power and I guess your not allowing for much ground clearence on the left side. Noise is going to be a big factor for the rider not to mention the neighbors. I think you can do allot better.

  • Stephenmoat

    I want a set of two into ones for my Triumph America. Never mind the road bikes, why can’t my cruiser have a set?

  • Dan

    i really like it. it would definitely make chain cleaning easier. do some dyno runs and set it up to make power! is this gonna be made for EFI mag wheel bonneville too?

  • Stephenmoat

    Don,t forget to think about the America when designing the 2 into 1′s. They might be able to fit the America as well. Who says cruisers can,t have 2 into 1′s. In the seventies we whacked 2 into 1′s or 4into 1′s on anything. I guess fashions change.

  • Gnarwahl

    Too many bends? How did you get to that? Tubes not long enough? Just curious how many pipes you have designed? As far as I can see there are the same or actually fewer bends as on other 2-1. I like that it doesn’t route around the front of the frame and the oil cooler, cross-over is in the same place as stock balance tube so that is good. Looks good to me.

  • WilliamCutting

    Pipes SHOULD be loud. And I dont know what kind of crazy knee dragging riding ‘JR’ is used to do doing, but I think the clearence looks fine. As long as you dont charge an arm and a leg for it, I’m in. ‘JR’ can keep his Arrow 2 into 1, propecia, and Viagra, I’ll take one of these…

  • Desmohead

    where can i buy this in the US ?

  • Anonymous

    The BC 2-1 will be available early April 2011 at or
    through one of our authorized dealers. We will be releaseing an update soon
    via our blog, stay tuned

  • Anonymous

    We will be testing fitment to see if the system fits the America and
    Speedmaster as soon as the kits arrive. Stay tuned.

  • Jihadtodd

    I love that thing. I’ve had slip on D&D’s since my Thrux was an infant (2004) only because there has been nothing that I really thought was “way better”. I think way better is coming soon” with this short 2 to 1. I’ll be watching.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the positive feedback, we will be releasing an update soon.

  • Emurrell

    This looks absolutely amazing! Hope to see it soon

  • wahwahweewah

    I’ve been pushing off doing away with my stock cans in anticipation for what this setup can be. I want to believe!

  • Anonymous

    I know we’re a little late on this one, but we want to make sure we have the best product out to you. We’re still working out some kinks, but hopefully, it will be available in a month or so. Don’t stop believing!

  • Lothian

    I assume this will fit all of the modern classics?

    It would be great to hear a sound clip of the pipes.

  • Anonymous

    These pipes are set to fit the Bonneville, Thruxton, and Scrambler. We’ll try to get a sound clip up on here as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

  • Scrmtastic

    I want one!

  • Anonymous

    We’re in the final stages of production. We know it’s been a long time coming, but we want to get everything about this exhaust right before we put up for sale. It should be available in about a month or two.

  • Mush0010

    Any idea what kinda of price range we’re looking at at release? How’s the prospect looking of an upgrade kit of this exhaust, air box eliminator, etc… just like the Predator kit you’re selling?

  • Anonymous

    We’re still working on figuring out the cost.

    After we get everything tested, we’ll be able to put together a performance package.

  • Karl Elvis MacRae

    Hey, any updates on these? I can’t wait to get a set for my thruxton!

  • Gary

    any idea what these will cost? Are they out yet?

  • Anonymous

    They are available, check them out here @
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    Are you going to give us America/Speedmaster owners any respect? Just curious.


    Fab them to fit the America and Speedmaster. I’m reconfiguring a Thunderbike 2 into 1 header to fit my Speedy right now. Waiting on tubing to arrive. Modifying the controls crossover only took an hour. The tubing layout, fit up and welding will take longer.