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Dion’s Daytona 675

Dion, owner of a Triumph Daytona 675, is a local rider that shows great enthusiasm and motivation to make his motorcycle a product of himself. With the combination of British Customs products and a wide range of aftermarket and performance parts, Dion shows the Triumph pride through slick styling and overall aggressive riding attitude. We would like to thank Dion for being an example for our products and allowing us to show off his Daytona 675.


Performance Upgrades:



  • Pazzo Racing Preload Adjusters






  • British Customs Windscreen/Fairing Spikes

  • Dmascunana

    SWEET! Thanks for sean at BC and Arlen Forsstrom for the photos!

  • guest

    What mirrors are those?

  • Anonymous

    The mirrors used on this bike are from the Ducati 848. They are very familiar to the Rizoma style mirrors.

  • guest

    I can’t seem to find anything like them online. I found the Rizoma Limit mirrors, but nothing with any signals in them :/

  • Anonymous

    Contact your local Ducati Dealer.

  • Jake

    I have found that they are Bikemaster Candy mirrors with integrated signals.