British Customs Headlight Ears

British Customs would like to show a quick preview of the new headlight ears specially designed for Triumph motorcycles. We are trying to release the product to the production phase but would like to know your input in regards to the final finish of the product. In the pictures shown below, we have our product in a raw finish with machined marks still present. Our question to you, “Should we eliminate the marks resulting in a clean unmarked finish or leave the marks for a aggressive machined look?” Your thoughts and comments are important to us as we want to provide the best possible product for our customers.

  • Isthatafireparade

    I like the machine marks.

  • Jrm

    Remove the marks for a more finished appearence, Please!

  • Mychaelruiz

    I like them. i would prefer to have them polished.

  • Jjimmydutch

    I have a T100, and the unfinished look does not go with the rest of the bike. A polished look would work better. I have been looking to replace the flimsy stock headlight attachments with a set of jokers polished ears. How long do you feel it will take you to start turning these out? what price point are you going to use?

  • John7

    light marks to match the finish on the cases on my 06 Scrambler please!

  • skidmark

    I would prefer mirror polished. is this a shorter offset from the forks than the standard thruxton length? If I could lower the light I would want to pull it back.

  • Waltc

    I’d offer both if it were me. Doesn’t cost any more to leave the machined markings, but for a *slightly* higher fee and fully polished finish would be nice.

  • Brewdudebob

    I would like to see the machine marks in a black anodized finish

  • Jim

    I think I prefer the smoother look which would better match the satin finish on the Thruxton Cases.

  • Moovwriter

    I like the machined marks. More than that I would like a black version…

  • Alan Bauman

    Love these! Go for the clean look.


    Who cares about the marks… long as they are BLACK

  • Mahkra Macleod

    i’d buy some in either raw finished, or a black powder coated finish. and in fact will buy some when they become available!

  • Anonymous

    Both finishes have been finalized, we will be posting an update within the
    next couple days that will include a link for a special new product savings
    offer. The product should be ready to ship early April 2011

  • Amanalive

    Options are always good. Could you offer a choice? And, will they be available in 43mm?

  • Anonymous

    John we can produce 43mm Headlight Ears, we need to know the application to see if there is enough demand prior to starting production.