“Back to Basics” Bonneville Build

A British Customs masterpiece, this Bonneville has been featured in motorcycle shows and is known worldwide.  This Bonneville build established our presence in the Triumph community and shows off what really can be done to modern day Triumphs.  No mirrors or gauges, we wanted a simple, aggressive, functional bike build that would turn heads.  There is just something sexy about a “black bike”.

_MG_0736Performance Upgrades:







  • Roblongbrake

    Is this bike for sale?

  • Anonymous

    This bike will be up for sale around the first quarter next year. Please contact us @ 310.225.2570 for more info

  • Plaid21

    Was this ever sold?  When will the gauge display, 21in front wheel, stretched swingarm ect..be available?

  • Anonymous

    Bike has not been sold as we are pricing out the parts that have been installed to offer a good price which will include all labor in price as well.

    The gauge display ($324.95) and triple clamp ($199) are available. Give us a call to order. The 21 inch wheel is already available online. Unfortunately, we do not offer the stretched swingarm. (At least not yet.)