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Road Race Motorsports Shop “T100″

Brian at Road Race Motorsports thinks of two things when getting on his motorcycle…go fast and ride hard! Check out this Bonneville T100, his vision of a classic cafe racer.


Performance Upgrades:






  • Custom Side Mount License Plate
  • Powder Coated Black Wheels
  • Powder Coated Black Headlight

  • Www Hippy1wa

    very nice but a pic of the right hand side would great

  • Jack

    What is the deal with the headers? are there baffles in the ends or something? i want to do that with my 2001 bonnie, but i’m concerned with weather or not it hurts the engine. Do they make mini baffles to stick in the ends?
                                      -Jack, Cape Cod, MA-

  • Anonymous

    There are no baffles. These are stock head pipes with mufflers removed. Very loud and tuning can be difficult due to the loss of back pressure with mufflers off the bike.

  • Aaron

    Is that a stock 19″ wheel up front?