Install Guide for Hog Slayer Exhaust for Thunderbird 1600!

  • Thatch

    Thanks for the video. I was a big help. I did run into one problem with getting the heat shields on. I wrote up my solution on a forum and thought I would post my solution here as well in hopes of helping out anyone that gets these pipes.

    The heat shields are held on with hose clamps and if you install the pipes and then the heat shields you are left trying to get the fully opened clamp back together (which don’t have much slack) under the bike. This is neigh on impossible. However after wrestling with it a bit I realized the solution. I pulled the pipe back off, slipped the back clamp back together completely off the bike and the fore clamp was easy enough to connect while on the bike if I spun it around so the clamp was in front. I then slipped the pipes on, tightened everything up and bob’s your uncle.


    Pipes look great and sound wonderful at idle (install happened too late to take a real run on the bike) Thanks for a great product and for the personalized service you guys have given.

  • Mick

    Just installed the pipes and they sound better than the video. Installation took about 30 minutes to include talking to my wife.