Tune for the Power Commander V (2010 Triumph Thunderbird 1600)

Thatch on Triumph Rat brought up a few valid points that we feel should be addressed.

1) Will the Triumph TOR tune work with our pipes.  Our hunch is that the TOR tune will be a little on the lean side; historically our pipes flow better than the Triumph TOR on other models. The Shorty Tune may be an alternative, but we are not going to rely on triumph’s supplied tunes. We will be developing a custom map for the British Customs Thunderbird 1600 exhaust.

2) How will the tune be updated to the Triumph Thunderbird 1600? Previously we developed our custom tunes using a Power Commander; Tuneboy made it so that Power Command tunes could be converted to work with their program. With the development of the Power Commander V I am sure Tuneboy is working around the clock to make sure they can covert the Power Commander V Tunes as well.

3)  Will the Cat Box Elimination Kit work with the British Customs Slip-On exhaust?  No, during sound testing we made some very interesting observations.  We will be following up by posting a video and explanation very soon.  Please stay tuned.

Update: The Power Commander V is being developed as we speak and, hopefully, in the next 30-60 days the Power Commander V will be released. Until then we will be unable to develop a custom tune for the Triumph Thunderbird 1600 exhaust. As soon as the Power Commander V is available we will be working with Mickey Cohen at Mickey Cohen Motorsports to develop a custom map for the Triumph Thunderbird 1600.  Mickey Cohen is one of the best tuners in Southern California and helped us develop the tune for our EFI Triumph Bonneville / Thruxton Performance Package. When we are developing our custom tune we will run a dyno run with both TOR maps along with our pipes. Only then will we know if the TOR map will work with our exhaust. We will be posting updates regarding the Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Power Commander V as it becomes available.

British Customs Team

  • Jack

    Check some other sites for the troubles the PCV is causing. What a joke ,get tune boy to handle your needs. PCV and auto tune will cost ya close to 700 bucks and then you can only tune one cyl. The O2 that comes with the auto tune is from a Mack truck and wont fit your pipes without new bungs and looks like crap. Like Hardly they dont tell ya what ya dont get. Good old Dyno jet.

  • John Gallik


    As we had discussed since I have the Bomber pipes and now an ARK I am stuck having to purchase a TB or PC-V.

    If I buy a PC-V will I still need to have the bike tuned by a shop or does it come with maps that are rich enough to use? I am not looking for an absolutely perfect “racing tune”, all I need is a map that will permit the engine to be opened up at both ends.

    Can you clarify?

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