Latest Thunderbird Sound Test

This is the latest sound test for the 2010 Triumph Thunderbird 1600 prototype exhaust. We decided to remove the CAT after all to increase the performance and sound of the pipe. Shown in the video is the UNFINISHED RAW version of the pipe. Custom heat shields will be included to cover the S-bend. This is not the finished product! The pipe will be available in polished stainless or ceramic black. The bike is running on a stock tune. Custom tune is coming soon.

Let us know what you think!

Side view of exhaust. Please keep in mind, in the video there are no heat shields on this pipe yet. We are custom making the shields and they have not been completed yet (In this picture, we are using the stock heat shields.)

Side view of exhaust. Please keep in mind, in the video there are no heat shields on the pipe yet. We will be custom making heat shields for the pipe (In this picture, we are using the stock heat shields.)

  • Thatch

    It would be helpful if you would post a side shot of the new pipes. There seems to be some doubt as to the angle of the pipes. I attempted to recreate the shot angles with a stock bike to see if the pipes followed the same sweep. The result seemed to show that but there remains questions as to the general look of the final pipes.


  • Thatch

    Oh, and lest I forget…. the new pipes sound brilliant. I can’t wait to hear them on my soon to be big bored tbird.

  • British-Customs

    The pipe has the same up swept look that everyone saw in the first picture release, the only things that have changed are the internals.

  • British-Customs

    I have added some pictures to this post so that there is no confusion.

  • Thatch

    Thanks, I’ll pass the word in the discussion that my suspicions were correct. Can’t wait!

  • Tuck

    Has anyone heard the accessory ‘short muffler kit’ from Triumph and how it compares??? They claim a ‘deeper more aggressive exhaust note’. Plus it looks shorter than this latest BC version.

  • Thatch

    Tuck, most of the comments I have herd about the TORs (Triumph Off Road… in both long and short versions) has not been really great. They apparently add a little bit of an increased note but not nearly enough for most people and some people complained of worse performance. Now, it should be said this is most likely because of a poor tune and not the pipes. I’m sure that situation will improve as Triumph dials in the bike with subsequent tunes.

    As BC’s development has shown the cat on the tbird is a significant sound deadener. Removing it seems to be the only way to get a full throaty note out of the bike. It is yet to be seen what sort of affect it has on the actual performance however. BC has stated they will be doing before and after dynos on the bike when they finish their pipes so we will have some definitive information at that point.

    For more information on all things tbird I would suggest going to the rat board. and reading up on what everyone else is doing. BC seems more than busy enough with what they do and won’t be able to answer more general questions like you might have.