British Customs 2010 Thunderbird 1600 Exhaust Update

We just completed the sound test and have to say we are less than impressed with our working prototype. It sounded good but there was not enough sound coming from it. While exploring Triumphs design we learned that the CAT BOX is the one creating the majority of the sound dampening. The cat has a “S” bend prior to exiting and does not flow straight through. The rattle you hear during deceleration is coming from the CAT. With those facts in mind, we have decided to put the Cat Back system on hold and go directly to the development of a Race version for the Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Exhaust (Cat Box Removed). We have two sound tests to share. The first is with the straight through mega phone (no internal packing) Cat Box Installed. The second sound bite is with the exhaust completely removed (CAT BOX ONLY). Unfortunately we got a little excited and forgot to take a sound bite of the prototype exhaust with baffling (however it was not much of an improvement over stock, you can take our word for it). By removing the CAT BOX we will be eliminating the CAT Rattle. The CAT BOX is also a restriction point, it flows surprisingly well, but leaves room for improvement. With all that said, we are re-designing the exhaust to eliminate the cat and will be developing custom heat shields. Since we are re-designing we feel it is a good time to ask you if you like our existing up swept design or if you would prefer a more straight flat pipe similar to a the aftermarket Harley Davidson Pipes? We are expecting to get crucified for the Harley Davidson comment but we have to ask. We are planning on maintaining the dual pipe look for the race version.

  • Steve G

    How about something to the effect of the stock Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle pipes. I think this style would look extremely good on triumphs muscle cruiser. Even if it has a slight upsweep it would still look good… Just saying.

    Thanks Guys…very excited about getting some rumble out of this fantastic bike.

  • ian lewis

    i would like the trumpet swept style with out the cat please :)

  • Thatch

    Sad to see that the development has been delayed a bit, but this does explain the lack of improvement the TOR pipes make. I’d have to say I like the up swept pipes. I’m sure straight pipes would look good as well but I’m all for keeping as much classic Triumph look as possible.

  • Birdy68

    I do like the ‘straight-box’ V-Rod style.
    BUT having said that – I do believe that the trumpet up-sweeping style (CAT excl.) would be the ones I’d be willing to buy.

    With the ‘disappointing’ results you had with the initial pipes (CAT Incl.) – I’ll accept and take into account any delay that is require, to ensure the best will be coming out of the BC workshops!

    Keep at it boys – and have fun while you doing it. ;)
    Tell us what you learn….

  • fred

    Sounds like sheet. Please do something different and make the pipes straight instead of up-swept.

  • Tuck

    Trumpet is good…swept up is good…and the shorter the better. Why hide that beautiful rear wheel and big 200 back there? Long pipes are just distracting.

    Everyone at the dealership loves this new bike and engine, but all agree—too quiet. Can’t wait to hear your magic…especially on the 104ci !!!

  • Thatch

    I asked in another thread but since Tuck brought up the subject I’ll ask here… Are you going to have tunes for the big bore kit as well? I’m due to get mine in September and would love to have the kit and pipes fitted at the same time. (I know, chances are slim)

  • British-Customs

    We were able to get another sound test today of the new pipe (CAT removed). We will be putting this footage up as soon as we can, please stand by.



  • Steve G

    Get it up!!! Can’t wait… IT’s killing me to see if removing the CAT got rid of the popping on decel.

  • daz

    Steve….it’s gonna keep popping till the air injection is removed. Thats what the popping is from. The AI causes unburned fuel to be burned in the exhaust port. It’s never going to be gone till the AI is. And w/o the cat box i suspect it will get even louder. The cat is apparently restricting volume as BC has said. so by removing the cat the popping should be even louder ! I am also told the AI has to be compensated for with the tune. So a question BC may want to answer is, are you going to remove the AI with these pipes before you develop the tune ?

  • Joe Elkovich

    I would very much prefer the design to be as close in appearance to the original as possible. Yes, even in length and projection. Sound and performance is what is key here. A loud, powerful sound is what I am looking for. I love the appearance of the stock exhaust on my brand new 2010 Triumph Thunderbied T-16, as I like the slightly upswept design of my 1974 Triumph Trident T-150.
    If I wanted a Harley exhaust, I would have bought a Harley. I do not want, and will not buy (from you, or anybody else) a staggered Harley looking exhaust. I will buy (preferably from you) an exhaust system that will be as close in appearance to the original while providing as loud and powerful a sound as is possible, while enhancing the performance of my bike. This is what I am looking for. I will continue to view your site in the hopes of seeing (and hearing) an exhaust of this caliber. It is encourageing to me that someone is working on a performance exhaust system for the T-Bird. Keep up the good work.

  • jeff klokkenga

    Make the pipes chrome. I assume they are stainless on the video? Also keep the upswept design. Do Not make them look or sound like a Harley!