2010 Triumph Thunderbird Exhaust

2010 Thunderbird Prototype Exhaust

2010 Thunderbird Prototype Exhaust by British Customs (Full Bike View)

Tucks in nice and close to the swing arm

Tucks in nice and close to the swing arm

Triumph Motorcycles Genuine Accessories offer two stock replacement performance exhausts for the Thunderbird 1600; a freer flowing stock replacement and a shorty exhaust that eliminated the catalytic converter.  The factory exhaust is quite heavy and leaves a lot of room for improvement. Fortunately, we were able to secure a 2010 Triumph Thunderbird 1600 and have started development on a slip-on cat back performance exhaust.

We had two major concerns to address.  First, performance, why have a 1600cc twin and keep it plugged up? It would be a complete waste.  Second, the appearance, the length of the 2010 Thunderbird stock exhaust is too long and flares out from the swing arm.

Our new design tucks the silencers in as close as possible to the thunderbirds’ swing arm.

Our new design tucks the silencers in as close as possible to the thunderbirds’ swing arm.

Our new design tucks the silencers in as close as possible to the thunderbirds’ swing arm and shortened the overall length of the exhaust; it now ends ¼” after the axle adjuster.

The exhaust ends about 1/4"  after the swing arm adjusters.

The exhaust ends about 1/4" after the swing arm adjusters.

We are utilizing the stock heat shields and are planning on using a modified version of our America and Speedmaster Bomber Exhaust baffle.  The finished product will be offered in a polished stainless and black ceramic finish. As we make further progress on the Thunderbird street exhaust we will be updating the blog with more information. Sound test should be complete in one to two weeks. Once the Street version is completed we will began design of a race version that will eliminate the CAT box. We are still debating the design of the race version (cat box removed). Do we keep with the dual exhaust factory design or develop a left exit 2-1 exhaust? Please post comments, as we will be watching the blogs to measure response to see which direction we should take the race version of our 2010 Thunderbird Exhaust.

  • Steve G

    Looks Great Guy’s. Can’t wait to hear them.
    Would really need to see them as a single sided pipe to form an opinion.

  • Thatch

    I couldn’t be happier that you are developing pipes (and hopefully a whole lot more) for the new tbird. So far I like where you are going on these pipes and look forward to hearing more. I would like to know if you plan on ‘dynoing’ the bike before and after installation of these pipes? Are you planning on developing a tune to go along with the new pipes?

    On the track pipes / cat removal. I do like the symmetry of the two pipe setup. I’d have to be convinced on a 2 into 1 solution. I’m not sure how the cat bypass will come about but I’d like to see an option like that made for the current dual pipe setup you are working on now. Again, I’d like to know about custom tunes as well as pre and post dyno results.

    Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

  • http://www.broscycle.ca Barrie

    As always Sean, Nice job!

    Are you looking at offering a straight cut set as well?

    Let me know when they are ready.

  • Kurty

    I agree with the above comments. I think the pipes should have a nice sound character. Not loud, but deep and throaty. The stock pipes aren’t bad, they just need to be opened up and allowe dto breathe. Keep up the good work, if the sound is right I will buy a pair.

  • marty w

    Hi Guys, Down here in Australia we get our Tbirds soon and i’m looking foward to what you come up with, on the speedmaster we had pipes made by a company called Madaz and it put the sound of the HD’s to shame. I would like to see/hear pipes that are loud & thumpy and non of this 2-1 exhast thanks and also I dont like the look of the heat shields. Looking forward to seeing your work, good on ya mate.

  • Steve G

    Did some research and I really think you guys should have these available in Chrome as well. I for one am planning on Chrome wheels, controls, levers and a bunch of other chrome goodies. If they will only come in a polished version and black version I might have to pass as they will end up looking out of place on my bike. Most of the bike is chrome… Please consider this option as I know I’m not alone on this one.

  • murray

    Sound is great similar to my old reverse cone megas on 1972 Norton Commando.
    But – have you considered slash cuts – the ultimate pipe for any cruiser.

  • Mdlowe

    Two cylinders two silencers and load pipes save lives, and sound gooood.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z4ZK6PWWZYV3QFE3ZYN6Q4QCIM Addison Lewis

    Thanks for the information.. It’s a great help to me as I was looking for the bike and this bike is amazing.. I am glad I visited here and come to know about it.. The style and design is very nice..