Air Injection Removal Kit
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Air Injection Removal Kit

  |   British Customs
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This product is not for sale in California and use is restricted for closed course competition only. Not intended for street use on any pollution controlled motor vehicle. Any order constitutes Buyers offer to Seller and agrees to the Terms and Conditions stated here upon purchase or acceptance.


Designed as an emissions control modification, the Triumph air injection system pumps air into the engine to force more fuel to burn inside the cylinder. While that may sound commendable, it comes at a cost. The downside of the system is that it creates a lean fueling condition that spikes exhaust temperature -- that encourages your header pipes to turn blue and makes low-speed throttle adjustments finicky at best.

This upgrade has all the components needed to replace the air injection system for a finished look and a cooler running engine. The British Customs Air Injection block-off bolts are machined from aluminum in a low profile design and coated black to match the head perfectly or left raw: either way they virtually disappear.

  • Reduction in Exhaust temperature
  • Discourage blue pipes
  • Reduces lean conditions

Kit Includes:
  • Low profile air injection plugs
  • Copper crush gaskets
  • Rubber nipples
  • Air box plug (for stock air box)


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Reviewed by
Jackstalent bought "Air Injection Removal Kit" on our website
05/25/2015 - 11:28:47 AM
Air injection removal kit
Works as advertised. Exhaust pop is 100% gone during deceleration, slight improvement to low rpm throttle response. Pretty easy to do if you have some simple tools. Slightly confusing instructions, but not a big deal since there are several good YouTube videos out there.
Reviewed by
02/14/2015 - 07:22:28 PM
Air Injection Removal Kit
I own a new 2014 America (EFI) and installed Triumph aftermarket high flow short exhausts to improve the sound. Bike sounded much better but constantly popped and back fired when you let off on the throttle. Had my dealer install the air injection removal kit (one hour labor). This easy install fixed the problem 100%. It also improved the overall performance of the bike to include the normal choppy throttle in first gear at low speeds. I recommend the kit highly!
Reviewed by
bobfastner bought "Air Injection Removal Kit" on our website
08/29/2014 - 09:18:45 AM
Nice and easy
I installed this kit and it went quite well except the instructions seem to be for the old carb models. You take out the air injection plumbing and put in the flat headed plug bolts with washers and the plug in the airbox. Viola! the vacuum caps get tossed or thrown into a drawer. Now you can get at the plugs with unbolting the tank. It also seems to be a little "fatter" off idle. Gas mileage (important to me) and power seems otherwise unaffected. I didn't polish my headers to get rid of the discoloring so I can't attest to the effect of the kit on that. BC seems to be the only kit with the flat head allen bolts. Less likely to get nicked (i got black to match the heads) during a plug change. It was the least expensive by a dollar. If you are thinking of doing it, I recommend it.
Reviewed by
megafighter_x bought "Air Injection Removal Kit" on our website
04/13/2014 - 07:49:50 PM
Necessary modification
Just installed the British Customs Air Injector Delete kit on the bike...
What. A. Difference! The jerkiness that the bike had at low RPM is 100% gone. It's much more confidence inspiring at low speeds, especially when turning. And it supposedly lowers the exaust temperatures as well, which is definitely a benefit. However, now it will pollute the air a little bit more. But I'll take more livability and drivability over a negligible amount of pollution any day. The first two are tied directly into my safety,

If you're slightly mechanically inclined, this is a simple job to do. If you're not, get someone to do it for you. This is absolutely necessary to improving the riding characteristics of your Bonneville, and probably to the others of the same family... though I can only speak for mine.