Triumph Bonneville & T100 EFI

The Bonneville has always oozed cool from every angle. Named after the home of speed, Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, this plucky Brit is living proof that Icons cannot be killed. Production of Triumph motorcycles has ceased three times and yet the Bonneville thrives. The heart of the Modern Classics line, the new Bonneville was introduced in 2001 exuding the same stance and swagger of the 1959 original, but with the benefit of modern engineering. Electronic fuel injection became the standard in 2008, lending performance and tunability to the 865cc Hinkley Twin. The new Bonneville also maintains the original’s ability to be molded and customized to an individual rider’s taste -- which is why we’ve spent so much time perfecting our parts.

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Triumph Motorcycle Single Seat & Rack
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LSL Billet Aluminum Headlight Brackets
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Triumph Bonneville Bar End Mirror
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Triumph Motorcycle Fuel Cap- Lockable
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Triumph Optimate Adapter
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British Customs Turn Signal Harness
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