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    Built in conjunction with @caferacersofinstagram, Furiosa is named after a character from Mad Max: Fury Road. In line with the apocalyptic theme of the film, this Scrambler is built to take everything you can throw at it and help you survive the process.

    The Triumphant #12

    Triumphant was designed in close collaboration with living legend Eddie Mulder. The bike takes its inspiration from the bike that Eddie won the harrowing Vintage Motorcycle Class of Pikes Peak International Hillclimb eight — count ‘em — eight times on. This bike matches form with function, and pays proper respect to the man who was a rampantly victorious TT racer, Hollywood stuntman, and larger-than-life personality. Triumphant started as a 2007 Bonneville, and features a custom carbon fiber gas tank and tail section, tracker bars, tracker exhaust, tracker tires, and more.

    Black and Chrome

    It’s tempting to take a Bonneville T100 Black and keep going with black accents through the rest of the machine. By mixing in some chrome throughout, we were able to take this T100 Black and turn it Black & Chrome. An instant headturner thanks to the Special Edition Diamond Stitch Brown Leather Slammer seat. This T100 boasts classic styling and Steve McQueen inspired lines.

    Cafe Racer Deux

    Starting out as a Thruxton Cup racer on Season 2 of "Cafe Racer TV," this bike was reborn as the Silver and Red Cafe Racer Deux. Now it has been rebuilt as a Cafe Scrambler. Inspired by the wild streets of the California interior where the twisties can turn into dirt roads, and the rush of the road can quickly turn into the drift of the dust, the Re/Duex is an radical interpretation of the Triumph Thruxton that will leave the grid in the background in favor of the great beyond. Color outside the lines.

    Back To Basics

    One of the very first builds we did, and definitely one of the best. Equipped with a 21" front wheel and the modern classic wide rear wheel kit, this bike has an aggressive Cafe Racer stance that gobbles up the highways worst potholes in stride. Designed to be lean and mean, with an emphasis on the minimalist mantra of the Cafe Racer genre, we started by pulling off everything we could. After that, only what was absolutely necessary was put back on the bike, taking it "Back to Basics."

    The Dirt Bike

    In the early days, there were no "dirt bikes." If you wanted to ride off road you stripped down your street bike, threw some high pipes on it, and went for it. The Dirt Bike was designed along the same lines. This Scrambler has been ridden in various terrains; the mud of the Salton Sea, the sand of the "World's Longest Beach," the deserts of New Mexico, and the forest trails of the pacific northwest. In all scenarios it has proven itself a reliable steed that will get you where ever you want to go.

    The Tribute

    The Tribute started out as a 2011 Triumph Bonneville T100. It was inspired by the flat track bikes of the late 60s and built to pay homage to the race machines of riders like Eddie Mulder, Gary Nixon, and Sonny Nutter. Sitting on 19 inch wheels front and back, The Tribute looks the look and walks the walk. Featured on the bike are a number of weekend projects; these include the BC Drag Pipe Exhaust, the DIY Tracker Wheel Package, BC Chain & Sprocket Packages, and Renthal Fat Bar Package.


    Featuring the Empire-tested Shotgun Exhaust, BC Slammer seat, and a slew of other tasteful bolt-on upgrades. The cowboys had their trusty horse, you have your Scrambler. Built for adventure and endurance, the Triumph Scrambler 900 delivers. Inspired by the coastal highways and fire roads of California, Cassidy loves dirt, street, and everything in between.


    The Triumph Thruxton epitomizes that cafe racer style. Since its debut, it has become an icon of cool. With the British Customs packages you can take your Thruxton to the next level; a performance package to add speed and power, lighting to clean up the bulky stock lighting, control & driveline packages for better handling, and an appearance package to look cool while doing it.

    Nutterized Tracker

    The Sonny Nutter Tribute was built with input from the bike’s namesake Slidin’ Sonny Nutter himself. The two-time California State Speedway Champion and National American Flat Track Team Captain told us about the old carbureted oil-in-frame bikes they used to flat track on, and we had to build the closest thing we could with a Modern Classic. The Sonny Nutter Tribute started as a 2011 Thruxton, and features our Slash Cut TT Exhaust, a custom tracker seat, FCR 39mm carburetors, and more.

    Tracker Classic

    The BC X Mule Tracker Classic was realized by working with the godfather of the street tracker, Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles. Richard Pollock is a legendary custom motorcycle builder, and the Tracker Classic features a number of his extremely high precision and performance parts built for trackers, by a tracker. The Tracker Classic — originally a 2015 Bonneville T100 Black — was inspired by the Triumph factory flat track team bikes of the late 60s, and includes Mule Swingarm Spacers, a Mule Tri-Oil Cooler Kit, the Mule Bar, and more.