Revolver Throttle Kit for Scrambler

Revolver Throttle Kit for Scrambler
Throttle kit with 5 different reels to adjust how responsive you want your throttle to be.


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Power is nothing without control. Coming out of a corner, or sliding your way through one, riders need to know exactly how much grunt to expect with every twist of their wrist. Developed exclusively with Motion Pro, the Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Kit is the fastest and surest way to dial in throttle response, so you always get the predictable power delivery you need from your Triumph. Billet aluminum adjusters and a removable setscrew in the throttle housing allow for fast and easy installation on both drilled and regular bars. The Revolver Throttle Kit comes with everything you need, including new grips, vinyl-coated cables, and integrated boots to protect the internals from getting gummed up in muddy conditions. Best of all, thanks to Motion Pro's custom reel changing system, riders can quickly swap between the 5 included cartridge sizes to tailor their throttle response to their riding style. The reels come in 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, and a special Road Racing Cam, and the rule is simple: the bigger the reel, the quicker the wheel. Each successive reel reduces the amount of twist it takes to fully open the carbs by 10 degrees (with the exception of the 35mm reel, which increases the length of throttle twist). For example, if your stock reel is 40mm and requires a 90 degree (1/4 turn) to fully open the throttle, the 45mm reel will reduce your maximum twist to 80 degrees; and the 50mm reel will reduce it to 70 degrees. Get the kind of control you need with the most advanced variable rate throttle kit in the world: the Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Kit, exclusively for Triumph through British Customs.


  • Ultra-compact housing with snap-together elbows make it easy to change reels
  • Sleek new design requires less handlebar space for lever clearance and throttle position
  • 5 cam reels provide progressive throttle response
  • Cable boot keeps dirt and dust out for reliable and smooth operation
  • Only fits 7/8" handlebars
This part fits the following models
Triumph Scrambler Carb - 2006-2008
*Refer to Description in event of VIN specific fitment
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