Installation Instructions for Triumph Street Twin Seat

posted this on Aug 12, 2016

Replacing your seat is one of the easiest yet most effective upgrades you can perform on your motorcycle. All you need to do it is your bikes' key -- no joke! It takes less than a minute, and will launch your motorcycle customization project as part of any essential Weekend Projects Appearance upgrades package.


  • Triumph Street Twin

Tools required:

  • The key your motorcycle came with

Total time the job takes:

  • 1 minute


  • Beginner

Step 1

Place key in keyhole rear shock and turn key.

Step 2

Lift seat from frame while key is turned. You have successfully removed the rear seat from your Triumph Street Twin.

Step 3

Place new seat on  frame. Make sure rear seat peg mounts into hole so that the seat rests flat on the frame.


Installation complete!

Re-engage seat lock with key to complete installation of new seat.