BC304-012-B + BC304-(004/007)-B | Installation Instructions for Triumph Street Twin Passenger Footpegs and Clevises

posted this on Jul 1, 2016

Upgrading your passenger pegs and fitting them with an adjustable clevis will make your passenger eternally grateful for making their riding position actually comfortable. Not to mention you will streamline your bike's look if you get a set of passenger pegs that match your driver foot pegs. Installation isn't difficult, and only takes a bit. If you're upgrading your Street Twin's exhaust, it's a great time to upgrade both sets of foot pegs because you have to pull them off during the process. Check out the rider footpegs and clevises installation instructions here.


  • Triumph Street Twin

Tools required:

  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Hook (optional, but recommended)
  • Blue Loctite
  • 6mm Allen wrench

Total time the job takes:

  • 30 minutes


  • Rookie

Step 1

Use a flat head screwdriver to remove retaining ring from bottom of pin holding foot peg to frame.

Step 2

Remove pin, and support foot peg as you remove the foot peg to make sure you don’t lose the ball bearing. You will reuse the ball bearing for installation of your BC passenger peg and clevis.

Step 3

Remove foot peg.

Step 4

Remove spring from inside passenger foot peg with hook. You will reuse the spring when installing BC passenger peg and clevis.

Step 5

Insert spring into hole in BC passenger peg clevis that is smaller and off-center.

Step 6

Place ball bearing on top of spring in hole in BC passenger peg clevis.

Step 7

Place supplied plate over clevis. Note that the arms face away from the clevis.

Step 8

Insert passenger peg clevis assembly into mount.

Step 9

Insert pin into passenger peg clevis. Make sure that the groove where the retaining ring mounts is on the bottom of the pin.

Step 10

Secure pin with retaining ring.

Step 11

Put a dot of blue Loctite on supplied pins.

Step 12

Insert pins into four (4) holes in clevis.

Step 13

Place passenger peg on clevis in desired position. Pins go into the mounting holes in passenger peg.

Step 14

Apply blue Loctite to bolt and secure passenger peg to clevis with 6mm Allen wrench.

Step 15

Repeat steps 1-14 on other side to complete installation.