CM703-(002/003/004/006)-(B/S/PF) | Installation Instructions for Ducati Scrambler Master Cylinder Cover

posted this on Jul 5, 2016

Upgrading the little things makes a big difference. Personalizing your master cylinder fluid reservoir with an upgraded cover will make your controls pop, and will improve the longevity of the reservoir. It only takes a couple minutes to install, and can be done by any rider regardless of how much wrenching experience they have. While you're working on your control center, it's a great time to upgrade your handlebars, handlebar risers, and speedo gauge mount to completely transform your bike's front end.

Parts needed:

  • 1 Corsa Moto master cylinder cover
  • Provided hardware


  • Ducati Scrambler

Tools required:

  • T20
  • 2.5mm Allen wrench

Time required:  5 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner

Step 1

Remove stock master cylinder with T20 wrench.

NOTE: Brake fluid is corrosive and will damage paint. If you get brake fluid on a painted surface, wash the surface with low-pressure cold water for several minutes.

Step 2

Remove diaphragm from stock master cylinder cover and clean off the brake fluid.

Step 3

Place diaphragm in new master cylinder cover.

Step 4

Place new master cylinder cover over reservoir.

Step 5

Tighten with 2.5 mm Allen wrench.

Installation complete!

Your new Corsa Moto Master Cylinder Cover has been successfully installed!