Installation Instructions for Ducati Scrambler Front and Rear Sprocket & Chain

posted this on Jul 5, 2016

Upgrading the sprockets and chain on a Ducati Scrambler is incredibly satisfying because you will feel the difference as soon as you pull on the throttle after you've finished installing them. Replacing your sprockets and chain won't only change the way your bike looks, but will help improve the torque transfer to the rear wheel. There are a few things to note about this project though. The first is that whenever you replace your rear sprocket, you have to replace your chain. The second is that replacing a chain requires specialized tools and knowledge, and if you aren't familiar with how to do it yourself, we highly recommend taking your bike to a licensed mechanic to have them do it for you. If you want to maximize the power output on your bike, we suggest upgrading the exhaust at the same time. Trust us, you'll love the way your bike looks, sounds, and feels afterwards.

Parts needed:

  • 1 CM Countershaft Sprocket
  • 1 CM Rear Sprocket
  • 1 Cut-to-Length Chain Kit


  • Ducati Scrambler

Difficulty: Experienced

Tools required:

  • 4mm, 5mm Allen wrench
  • 8mm, 10mm wrench
  • Chain breaking tool
  • 1 3/16” socket wrench

Time required:  1 hour

Step 1

Place bike up on a jack. Use a 5mm Allen wrench to remove stock front sprocket cover.


Step 2

Use a 4mm Allen wrench to remove stock chain guard.

Step 3

Use a 5mm Allen wrench to remove shifter bracket from shift actuator.

Step 4

Use an 8mm wrench to loosen  passenger peg  bracket.

Step 5

Use a 5mm Allen wrench and 10mm wrench to continue loosening passenger peg bracket.

Step 6

Use an 8mm wrench to continue loosening passenger peg  bracket.

Step 7

Cut and remove chain.

Step 8

Use an 8mm wrench to remove countershaft sprocket. Mark which side of sprocket retainer faces out before removing.

Step 9

Place new countershaft sprocket on shift shaft.

Step 10

Place sprocket retainer on shift shaft. Make sure that it can spin freely in the shift shaft groove.


Step 11

Apply red Loctite to bolts and tighten new countershaft sprocket with  8mm wrench.

Step 12

Use a 1 3/16” socket wrench to remove rear axle nut.

Step 13

Remove rear axle and rear wheel.

Step 14

Use a 15mm wrench to remove rear sprocket nuts.


Step 15

Remove rear sprocket.

Step 16

Apply blue Loctite to nuts and install new rear sprocket with 15mm wrench.  Torque to recommended specifications.

Step 17

Reinstall rear wheel and rear axle nut. Make sure that the rear brake caliper is over the rear brake rotor.

Step 18

Tighten rear axle nut with 1 3/16” socket.

Step 19

Tighten foot peg bracket with 5mm Allen, 10mm socket, and 8mm socket. Make sure washers are in place for lower bracket mounts.

Step 20

Install chain. If you are unsure how to do this, please take your motorcycle to your local Triumph dealer to have them do it for you.

Reinstall front sprocket cover and chain guard. Tighten foot peg bracket to complete installation.