Oil Pressure Gauge | Black Face - Silver Lettering

Oil Pressure Gauge | Black Face - Silver Lettering
Gauge for monitoring oil pressure.


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It comes down to a simple question: do you really trust something called an "idiot light" to protect your engine from grenading due to low oil pressure? The problem with dashboard lights is that they aren't there to warn you of an impending problem. If you are seeing one, it could very well be too late and your engine could have already been damaged from lack of lubrication. The best solution to maintain your motor is by being able to monitor its internal conditions. The British Customs high quality oil pressure gauge installs in minutes to enable you to keep tabs on oil pressure, accurately and in real time. Low oil pressure for just a few seconds can go unnoticed by an Idiot light and cause major damage. The British Customs oil pressure gauge protects your investment and was designed to fit perfectly on Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler.

Kit Includes:

  • High performance, fluid filled oil pressure gauge
  • Oil lines with double banjo bolts
  • Stainless steel manifold mounting bracket hardware


  • Monitor oil pressure accurately and in real time
  • Looks great, with custom manifold bracket
This part fits the following models
Triumph America Carb - 2002-2008
Triumph America EFI - 2009-2016
Triumph Bonneville T100 EFI - 2009-2016
Triumph Bonneville T100 Carb - 2002-2008
Triumph Bonneville Mag - 2009-2015
Triumph Thruxton 900 EFI - 2009-2016
Triumph Thruxton 900 Carb - 2004-2008
Triumph Speedmaster EFI - 2009-2016
Triumph Speedmaster Carb - 2003-2008
*Refer to Description in event of VIN specific fitment

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follow instructions!
nice gauge! nice to know what your actual oil pressure is. Make sure you put thread tape on your gauge though! Otherwise it will leak oil. Great addition to your triumph
Review by two tone / (Posted on 9/2/2016)
Good quality oil gauge kit for Bonnie
"I installed this kit today on my late model Bonnie. Taking my time, it took about 2 hours. All components in the kit are of high quality.

No installation instructions are provided, but there is a helpful YouTube video worth watching, if you are doing this as a D-I-Y project. There were two replacement banjo bolts provided, but only one is required. A short strip of teflon tape is the only thing you'll need that is not in the kit. This is necessary to seal oil line couplings on both ends of the SS braided hose to the threaded fittings on the banjo bolt adapter and bottom of the gauge.

The only difficult I had is with the gauge orientation after mounting it to the side of the RH intake manifold. After all fittings were tight and secure, there is a random chance the 0 to 100 psi gradients on the gauge face will not line up with rider's POV.

With the gauge mounted perpendicular to the front to rear center line of my bike, it was essentially pointing backwards. However, it makes the reading easier to view on the first half of the dial while seated and riding the bike.

A normal reading at idle (~1000 rpm) after warm up to operating temperature, will be ~15 psi. At highway cruising speed, the peak reading goes up to ~60 psi. The higher the revs, the higher the reading. Near red line on the tach, the reading may even peg! At cold engine startup the reading is also higher especially at fast idle with ""choke"" knob pulled out. However, oil pressure will slowly drop as the engine warms while idling.

Zero to 100 psi is the correct range to obtain an accurate reading. The gauge is water filled to dampen out engine vibrations and/or oil pump pulses that could otherwise cause needle pointer flutter.

With a one year warranty, I am satisfied with my purchase of this British Customs product."
Review by Dennis Duchmann / (Posted on 3/7/2016)

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