Customizing your Triumph Motorcycle has never been easier!
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It's that easy!
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Custom bikes are not just for expert builders anymore
A ton-up boys dream.
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Heads will turn.
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Built by Windy City Triumph
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Built by Northern Ohio Triumph
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Built by Team Triumph
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Make your own trail.
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Cool, calm, and collected.
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No holds barred adrenaline.
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Welcome to the speed show.
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When the time comes to upgrade your seat, what’s the first question that comes to mind? For us, it’s the why. Why would I need to upgrade my seat? What’s the Most Important Feature of a Seat? Do you consider the style of the seat first? Are you more concerned with the comfort and how […]

The open road is full of characters. That’s the draw, the desire, the addiction to the unknown we crave. The lack of boundary pulls the best from us, inspires the character inside to come out and play. No doubt you’ve met more than a few characters on the open road and still tell stories about […]

The open road is not to be taken for granted. It’s seen many like you before and will see many like you in the years to come. Those who know the open road well, know it’s more than the road they frequented as a kid, kicking stones and chasing birds. The open road is more […]