Design Philosophy

A release, an escape, simple transportation or a way to express your individuality, the reasons behind why people choose to ride a motorcycle, although varied, will never change. At British Customs our goal is simple: Enhance the rider’s relationship with their bike. Our products make a rider's bike their own. Our cornerstone values of performance, innovation, quality and comfort are paramount with every decision we make. We do not stop until we can deliver an uncompromising product for you, our customer.

Everything begins with the rider. Every rider is unique. We embrace the fact that motorcycle modification is driven by individuality. Be it a desire for performance or something purely aesthetic, each rider input creates a part of their bike’s story. British Customs is here to help tell that story: to develop new products; to ensure that every story is different; to enable every rider to create their own narrative.

Motorcycles are a blank canvas. Every modification, even the most minute, becomes a brush stroke towards a masterpiece. British Customs' partnership with the Triumph Dealer network is there to enhance the inherent beauty of Triumph motorcycles by providing an intuitive, user friendly and dealer backed method for modification. Our products are actualized with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. Our attention is focused on accessibility, to enable bolton installation. We believe when a functional problem is solved, form follows. The better a product performs, the more timeless it becomes. We distill our products down to their functional essence in order to blur the lines between man and machine. British Customs products create a personal interaction from customization to riding as each artist becomes art itself.