Wide Rear Wheel Kit for Cruisers
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Wide Rear Wheel Kit for Cruisers

  |   British Customs
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There’s just something about seeing a wide rear tire on a Triumph Cruiser that sets things right with the world. It instantly improves handling, adding bite to your braaap with that bigger contact patch and delivers a take-no-prisoners stance that draws instant attention. The British Customs’ Wide Wheel Kit makes a rearend makeover for your Triumph an effortless affair.

We’ve engineered a 17 x 5.5 silver anodized or polished rim, complemented with polished stainless spokes for a solid, sweetlooking platform that will accommodate up to a 180 series tire that’s some serious stance.

The wheel is available laced, tuned and trued on your existing hub – or you can purchase the rim and spoke kit separately to tackle your own assembly. 

  • Fit up to size 180 Rear tire to stock swingarm
  • Polished or Raw Aluminum rim with stainless spokes
  • Available only as an unlaced DIY kit
  • Made in USA

Note: Wide rear wheel kit will require the rim and spoke kit we provide to be laced up with the rear wheel hub.


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