Flat Gauge Cluster
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Flat Gauge Cluster

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A sleek, low look at the front-end of your modern classic is attention grabbing for all of the right reasons. The British Customs Flat Gauge Cluster Bracket is a quick and simple bolt-on that not only cleans up the control area of your Modern Classic, but relocates the ignition switch to where it should be -- under your nose. This not only makes it easier to reach, but is another way British Customs fosters clean motorcycle design.

Blending form, function and durability, our bracket is precisely cut from aluminum and coated with a subtle black wrinkle finish to create a clean and cool stock appearance. The bracket mounts without modifications with stainless-steel hardware.

The Flat Gauge Cluster Bracket is available for standard and clip-on handlebars. Non-VDO, EFI models (the ones with the idiot lights built into their gauge clusters) require British Customs’ Bolt On Headlight Ears or Lower Headlight.

NOTE: Must lower headlight. Requires aftermarket headlight ears.

  • Positions gauges flat
  • Relocates the ignition switch
  • Cut from Aluminum
  • Black wrinkle finish
  • Bolts on without modifications
  • Stainless-steel mounting hardware


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Reviewed by
08/03/2015 - 01:51:39 PM
Looks great!
Installed it on my 2014 thruxton and looks awesome. Headlight was originally too high so i swapped the headlight ears around. put the left on the right and the right on the left. gained about 3/4" from it. No cost fix!
Reviewed by
03/08/2015 - 04:18:20 PM
New ears not necessary
Love the look and relocation of the ignition. With this kit alone, the headlight was too high by about 3/4" on my T100 Bonney, so this didn't fit. Not wanting to spend the cash or time on new headlight ears, I spent $8 at the hardware store for 4x 3/4" spacers, 1.5" bolts, and lock washers and raised this up enough. Easy peasy, clean look, and didn't cost me $175 extra.
Reviewed by
Jase bought "Flat Gauge Cluster" on our website
01/25/2015 - 04:33:08 PM
Easy Install
I installed these on my 2013 Thruxton with out the need for different head light ears,
after relocating the ignition to the new flat gauge cluster I swapped the LH ear with the RH and had about a half inch of clearance between the cups and head light.
I had already installed the BC rectifier relocation bracket so not sure if it would still fit with out this being done.
Reviewed by
nicknhsu bought "Flat Gauge Cluster" on our website
09/14/2014 - 08:25:38 PM
Great look!
Looks great! Install was easy; I just needed to swap the stock headlight ears on the 2014 Thruxton to get enough clearance.
Reviewed by
06/10/2014 - 09:52:11 AM
Better placement of the gauges but will not work with the stock headlight placement.
This gauge cluster will definitely clean up the front of your bike but will require you to lower the headlight (on the scrambler). This was not a surprise to me as I ordered this product from my dealership and they confirmed the need to lower the headlight with British Customs. Definitely a good excuse to purchase the LSL Headlight mounts. Other than lowering the profile of the gauges, this product also relocates the ignition key to the gauge cluster which I find to be more convenient than its original location on the side of the frame.