British Customs Cocktail Shaker Performance Package For America & Speedmaster
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British Customs Cocktail Shaker Performance Package For America & Speedmaster

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Power and performance go handinhand with how well your Hinkley Twin handles air and fuel, but we understand that sometimes its better to walk softly when wielding a big stick. To give your Triumph Bonneville the stealthy wake up it needs British Customs has assembled its best selling performance upgrades into one package.

Each product in this package has been designed and tested to work together perfectly to give you the best performance gain for your dollar. Combing the BC Air Injection Removal Kit, BC Airbox Removal Kit, and British Customs Cocktail Shaker Exhaust into a cost savings package allows you to get the power you want at the best possible price. This package saves money on labor and time by allowing you to install all three performance upgrades at the same time, transforming your beast in fell swoop.

British Customs takes the guess work out. British Customs has tested and developed fuel injection Power Commander map that work specifically for each performance package.

*A Power Commander is necessary for proper tuning.

Cocktail Shaker Exhaust Features:
  • Deep, throaty sound
  • Hidden mounting bracket eliminates unsightly stock mounting bracket
  • Mechanical baffle, no repacking necessary

Air Box Removal Kit Features:
  • Exposes two high flowing K&N filters
  • Eliminates mounting brackets for mock air cleaner covers

Air Injection Removal Kit Features
  • Eliminates air injection system
  • Reduces operating temperatures
  • Reduces blueing of the headers
  • Decreases/Eliminates popping during deceleration


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