Street Triple Fender Eliminator Kit
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Street Triple Fender Eliminator Kit

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That aggressive stance of your Street Triple is begging for the British Customs Fender Eliminator Kit. Designed to replace that hunk of unsightly plastic dangling from the rear end, the British Customs Street Triple Fender Eliminator Kit is a sleek, low profile solution that tucks your license plate up underneath the seat for a strikingly clean look.

Crafted from 6061 aluminum and powder coated black for protection, the kit bolts into the factory location using the included mounting hardware and can be tackled in no time at all.

  • Manufactured from Aluminum for durability
  • Powder coated black for superior weather resistance
  • Mounts quickly and easily to the factory location
  • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware
Note: Turn signal brackets sold separately BC501-017. License plate frame is sold separately AC06-011


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Reviewed by
gaijin4life bought "Street Triple Fender Eliminator Kit" on our website
04/27/2015 - 05:33:32 AM
Sub par product
I had a similar experience as the other reviewer. I managed to "over tighten" one of the screws and it broke right off. The weld (or more likely glue) attached them to the license plate holder just does not do the job.

The plate holder itself is also not 1 size fits all. It appears to have been made with just California in mind. I can get 2 screws to hold my Virginia plate, but the others don't align at all.

The one plus, I don't think it looks half bad. I also bought the blinkers shown in the picture, and those are high quality.
Reviewed by
barrettwc bought "Street Triple Fender Eliminator Kit" on our website
05/26/2014 - 08:34:13 AM
Simply Terrible
I bought this part a couple of weeks ago looking to spruce up the look of my bike. The price point on this part seemed great, that is until you consider you need to buy another part to attach turn signals. For both parts though, the price isn't bad. That is the price wouldn't be so bad if the part wasn't terrible. So far I have encountered three reasons to never buy this piece.

1. This accessory has no place to attach a Licence plate light. Something that at least in my state is required to pass inspection. - This can be remedied easily with a couple of bolt lights, only $10 or so on Amazon.

2. The fit of the accessory on the bike looks and feels cheap. In other words its nearly impossible to get the part to attach nice and tight, especially considering number 3.

3. Most importantly the screws that are meant to attach the fender to the bike break off when 'over' tightened which, you have no choice but to do if you want to get a snug fit. This major design flaw is simply unacceptable and is the main reason for a 1/5 rating.

So save yourself the trouble and buy the more expensive kit.